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Stop Event App Zombies: Build Human Engagement

If your conference attendees are entranced by your event app, you’re doing it wrong.

Wait, what? Shouldn’t they be “checking in”? Isn’t it “the more tweets, the better”? Isn’t the whole point of gamification to encourage event app use?

The answer may surprise you. Read this eye-opening guide to using apps to create genuine human engagement and long-term communities around your conferences and events.

People should look at each other, not just their phones.

7 Secrets of Successful Association Communities

An online community can transform the engagement between an association and its membership from a “one-way broadcast” relationship (punctuated by responses from the membership in the form of messages, donations, purchases and renewals) to a truly interactive network. In a healthy network, a free dialogue goes on not only between the association and membership, but between the members themselves.

Learn the secrets today of turning your 3 – 5 day event into a 365 day community!

  • Common Pitfalls of Online

Native v HTML5 – An Event Planner’s Primer

If you’ve researched mobile apps for your conference, tradeshow or event, you’ve probably come across the question “Native or HTML5?” Both provide an app experience designed for iPhone, iPad, Android, and other devices, so what’s the difference? Should you care?

This primer will set you straight!

Best Practices in Online Community Management

Healthy communities don’t just build themselves. We’ve been in the on-line community business for some time now, long enough to have learned a bit about what makes a community successful, and what mistakes to avoid.

While we originally targeted the whitepaper at Pathable community managers, we’ve decided to make it free to anyone.

5 Things To Know Before Choosing A Mobile App

Choosing the right mobile conference app can be tricky. Here are a few tips to help you ensure you’ve selected the right solution for your next event.

Can you reach your audience no matter what device they are using to ensure no one is left out of the conversation? Mobile, tablet and desktop?


Preview Increase Engagement
  1. Can you reach your audience no matter what device they are using to ensure no one is left out of the conversation?

Online Community Selection Guide

The folks over at OnlineCommunityResults.com have done a great job of assembling a comprehensive overview of online community platforms, including Evoq, Groupsite, Higher Logic, Pathable, Small World Labs, Socious, YourMembership.com. Their review covers a multitude of topics, including how profiles work, which support ratings and reviews, ROI, polls, surveys and much more.

Event Planners & Twitter

You’ve heard about Twitter, you know there’s a whole conversation happening out there about your event, and you’re not participating in it. You know it’s something you should be on…or in…or do…or whatever it is one does with Twitter, but you’re not sure where to start.

ROI of social networks with the pathable event app

ROI of Social Networks

Social networks can play a crucial role in increasing your event’s ROI. This in-depth whitepaper offers insights into recent industry statistics, ROI goal setting through social networks and key ways a social network can launch your event’s ROI through the roof. Get started today on measuring (and mastering) your event’s social networking ROI.

Survey Results: State of Social Networking for Events

2011 was a big year for social networking in the events industry. We conducted the “2011 State of Social Networking for Events” survey from December 2011-January 2012.

Did you know 68% event professionals surveyed used social networking to attract attendees’ attention in 2011? This report of findings offers:

  • Event professionals’ key to social networking success
  • Surprising statistics on social media use through an event cycle
  • Insights into social media’s prevalence across all event industries, sizes and frequencies

Measuring the Impact of Social Media

Content presented by Justin Ramers, Director of Social Media with Active Network. Learn what social metrics you need to be tracking and how to report on those metrics. Get a “how to” rundown of what the most measurable social media platforms are and how to measure them.

  • Social Media Phases: Understand the 3 phases of social media and how to approach each
  • Social Data: Learn how social data can drive real business decisions
  • Social Media Metrics: Find out what key