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What’s Next for Pathable in Creating Great Attendee Experiences


It’s always fun to talk with Mike McAllen at the Meetings Podcast and share what’s next for Pathable in creating great attendee experiences before, during, and after the event.

Details you’ll hear more about:

Not Just An Event App (But One So Easy to Use That Your Grandma Could Use It)

New technology deployed at events is transforming the attendee experience. As event planners know all too well, manual changes, long lines, tough to use tech, and inefficient processes hinder

Why Event Planners Should Expect Amazing Customer Happiness from Their Event App (and Team!)

pathable believes innovation

Customer Happiness is our number one priority

We’re not kidding here at Pathable that we’re all about the happiness of the event planners and clients we work with. We believe in it so strongly that our account management team is called the Customer Happiness Team.

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7 Reasons to Use an Event App

seven reasons to invest in a great event app pathable

Why Do Event Planners Need to Use a Great Event App?

A great event app should do more than, not just. Don’t settle when making your decision. Here are the top seven reasons you should be using a great event app for your next meeting, tradeshow, or event:

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How Event Planners Can Use Virtual Reality at Conference, Tradeshows, and Events

use virtual reality tradeshow conferences events pathable event technology

What if you could transform your attendees into participants? Just think, you want to immerse them into an experiential reality where they can touch and feel the experience, rather than just attend. Or, what if your sponsors or exhibitors could showcase new products to your attendees without having to pay to ship and set them on the tradeshow floor? Virtual reality and augmented reality can help you do that.

From Intel showcasing Project Alloy at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

My Employees Are On Strike

why pathable employees are striking day without women

Several of my employees are on strike today, and I couldn’t be happier. Here’s why Pathable supports its employees who are on strike.

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