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How to crush your hybrid event marketing events
How to Crush your Hybrid Event Marketing

A hybrid event is a physical event and a virtual event in one. It is planned for audiences who like to enjoy the live event experience and those who may ...

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Your virtual event budget
Your Virtual Event Budget: Tips and Tricks for Planning

Virtual event budgeting is different from in-person event budgeting. In-person budgets focus more on event logistics such as venue, accommodation, travel, rentals, catering, and others.  Virtual events budgets are mainly ...

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Plan and manage your next hybrid event
Hybrid Events: Planning, Management and More in 2021

As vaccines continue to roll out, the events industry begins to breathe a sigh of relief. Hopefully, the 2021 events season will see people gather again in person with minimal ...

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From the archive:

Hybrid & Virtual Event Production: Choosing the Right Vendor
Hybrid & Virtual Event Production: Choosing the Right Vendor

Virtual events shouldn’t just be webinars. To avoid that from happening, organizers need top-notch event production to create richer and more profound experiences that attendees will continue to cherish long ...

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Plan your virtual event
Planning Virtual Events: Checklists, Best Practices and More

Virtual events can offer planners, stakeholders, and attendees an exciting experience when carefully planned and executed. However, planning a virtual event can be difficult because there’s a lot to consider ...

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Virtual Event Platforms: Top 20 Solutions to Compare

Since the beginning of the pandemic which brought disruptions to events globally, top virtual event platform providers like Pathable have shown leadership by providing previously unimaginable virtual event solutions for ...

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Explore nonprofit marketing trends in this guest post submitted by SalsaLabs.
Nonprofit Marketing Strategies: 5 Trends to Watch

Nonprofit marketing is one of the key strategies that organizations must develop to share their cause, collect donations, attract event attendees, and maximize impact for the community. However, it’s also ...

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Explore event microsites in this guest post from Kanopi.
Event Microsites For Your Nonprofit: 4 Mistakes To Avoid

Most nonprofit marketing specialists have likely already heard of microsites and how they can supplement or target their online outreach strategy. As a common buzzword, microsites have also caught on ...

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Explore three tips for hosting a virtual all company gathering in this guest post from Astron Solutions.
3 Tips for Planning Your Virtual All-Company Gathering

From fun holiday parties to in-office birthday celebrations to team outings at fancy restaurants, all-company gatherings are some of the most anticipated and engaging events that your employees look forward ...

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