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An intuitive platform and mobile app powering virtual, hybrid and in-person events
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A Powerful Virtual Event Platform for Attendees, Exhibitors & Speakers

Pathable’s virtual event platform brings the three critical components of successful events to life in powerful ways for all constituents.

A Global Virtual Events Solution

With team members on five continents, we help you create connection and community from anywhere in the world. North America | South America | Europe | Asia | Australia

Immersive Content & Learning

Bring keynotes and breakouts to life with dedicated session pages that include embedded live-streaming video, chats, Q&A, polling and intuitive speaker controls.

Seamless Networking & Building Connections

Attendees make real, human connections through messages, direct meeting scheduling, and 1:1 or small group video conversations directly in the platform.

Interactive Exhibitor Elements

Offer attendees the chance to visit a virtual trade show floor with virtual booths and to meet booth staff via video with the push of a button. Exhibitors can embed product videos, share collateral and host video product showcases.

Create Meaningful, Personal Connections

Relationships can’t be built through webinars. People want to exchange ideas, converse and build their network, and they shouldn’t have to sacrifice the human element to do so.

Collaboration & Interactivity

Keep the power of togetherness with video. Host everything from lunch & learn sessions to team breakout sessions, with video keeping the group connected.

Insights & Analysis

See data on everything from visitors to session engagement, from meetings scheduled to messages sent. Use this data to optimize attendee experience and provide networking and learning opportunities that meet everyone’s needs.

Customizable & Flexible

Whether you need to create a hosted buyer program that supports exhibitor group presentations or curate drop-in video rooms for people to connect - the event host is in control.

Hybrid & In-Person Events

Pathable’s powerful platform goes beyond virtual to offer a rich, interactive platform for hybrid events. We also offer a mobile app for events of all types, with the full functionality of the desktop experience.

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