Considering canceling your event due to the coronavirus epidemic? Please see our Virtual Event Platform page for ways to move your event online.

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Virtual Event Platform

An online event experience that combines webinars and networking from Pathable, the award-winning conference app platform
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A Global Virtual Event Solution For Everyone

Connect attendees from anywhere in the world through virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

Create Virtual Value For Your Attendees.
Deliver Year-Round Content & Community. Elevate Your Next Event.

The COVID-19 coronavirus has challenged event planners to find education and networking opportunities that don’t rely on in-person events. 


Pathable’s award-winning cross-device desktop web and mobile experience platform combines cutting edge design, community features, integrated webinars and live video to deliver the unique value of events in an on-line only or hybrid event environment. 

Interactive Education

Live webinars with automated reminders, audience Q&A and polls ensure your attendees are engaged and learning.


Real-time chat, persistent discussion forums and integrated 1:1 video calls enable that hallway track that builds real relationships.

Sponsor Revenue

Exhibitors can get the same visibility, or more, from Pathable's virtual tradeshow and other built-in sponsor opportunities.


Built-in gamification, plus meaningful networking and education opportunities mean your attendees will show up, and stick around.

Educational Breakout Sessions

Offer keynotes and educational sessions to your audience through live webinar or pre-recorded video broadcast. Pathable’s audience Q&A, in-session polls, and downloadable handouts keep your attendees interactive and engaged. Viewing can be monitored and tied back to individual membership ID’s for tracking of CEU credits.

  • Built-in calendar of events can span hours, days, weeks or months
  • Automated reminders increase attendance
  • Live polling and surveys build engagement
  • Sessions-based forums allow long-term conversation on your content
  • On-demand playback gives your content longer life

Networking and Relationships

Online networking can never replace face-to-face interaction, but done right, it can provide a very effective way for people to build their professional relationships and knowledge. At an in-person event, you get 3 – 5 days of engagement. With a Virtual Event, leverage that into a 365 day community. 

  • Attendee and Vendor directories: Create a searchable directory of your delegates, vendors and other constituents, so people can quickly find the right people and companies to connect with. 
  • Private messaging: Allow your attendees to reach out privately and directly online (without having to expose email and phone number to “the world”)
  • Virtual Meet-ups: Pre-schedule multi-person video conferences for informal “Birds of a Feather”-type meetups, allowing people to connect and talk about their personal topics of interest. Use Pathable’s survey and polling features to crowdsource the topics.

Sponsor and Exhibitor Value

Custom landing pages for exhibitors and sponsors create a year-round, virtual tradeshow. Exhibitors can manage their own logo, description, video, collateral, staff profiles and more. A searchable keyword index helps attendees find the exhibitors and sponsors who are relevant to them.

  • Virtual tradeshow: Exhibitors and sponsors can customize their landing pages with their logo, description, tags, and even upload their own handouts and materials for delegate download.
  • Online lead retrieval: Delegates can easily “request information” from exhibiting companies, sharing their contact information similar to having their badge scanned at a live event.

Ready to take your event online?

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