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Trade Show App with Built-In Lead Retrieval

Your exhibitors need a better solution than a fishbowl of business cards, and you don't want to mess with proprietary hardware.

Pathable solves problems for both of you: exhibitors can use their own smartphones as badge scanners, or attendees can scan a 2D barcode at the exhibitor's booth.

Exhibitors access a friendly, powerful leads dashboard from their laptop or mobile phone, giving them real-time profile information on the leads as they're collected.

Trade Show App

Increase your Revenue

Trade Show Apps

Finding new sources of revenue from exhibitors and sponsors can be tough: that lanyard can only hold so many logos.

Pathable offers a solution: more real estate and more features to offer your exhibitors and sponsors, leading to increased sales at higher tiers. Sell sponsorship of the online community as a separate line item, or use the exhibitor landing pages as a tool to improve the overall value you offer your exhibitors.

Contact us for a complete list of sponsorable / saleable items within the platform.

Exhibitor Landing Pages

Allow your exhibitors to create custom landing pages, including logo, description, video, collateral, staff profiles and more. Searchable index helps attendees find the exhibitors that are relevant to them.

Custom landing pages for exhibitors and sponsors create a year-round, virtual tradeshow.

Trade Show App

Interactive Tradeshow Maps

Trade Show App

For attendees, finding their way around a tradeshow can be dizzying. For the tradeshow organizer, keeping the map up to date can be even worse!

Pathable's friendly exhibit floor mapping system allows you to make real-time changes to your tradeshow floor map instantly available to the attendees, and includes "pin drop" interactive booth location on both desktop web and mobile.

Pre-Scheduled Meetings for Exhibitors

Give your exhibitors proof of the value of your tradeshow: prescheduled meetings. Pathable's flexible meeting scheduling tool allows attendees and exhibitors to book meetings before the event starts.

Customizable system allows you to configure the meeting setting process your way.

Trade Show Apps

Pathable's Trade Show App Will Provide Usable Data And A Better User Experience For You, Your Attendees, Your Speakers, Your Exhibitors & Your Sponsors!