Better Networking
Meaningful Conversations
Deeper Connections

Find the Right People

Pathable’s award-winning online community, social network and private meeting scheduling tools help your attendees connect before, during and after your event.

Search is simple: find people with similar interests, in the same industry and those who are already in your network and connected to you on LinkedIn, Twitter, or another social network.

  • Browseable, searchable attendee directory
  • Speaker profiles
  • Private messaging and public discussion forums
  • Private meeting scheduling with table reservations
  • Sponsor and Exhibitor listings with staff
  • Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn integration
An app that creates meaningful connections between people at events, tradeshows and conferences

Start the Conversation

Conference community forums on iPhone, iPad, mobile devices, plus year-round community forums

Starting the conversation with like-minded attendees before, during or after the event is easy.

Get to know others attending the event before it even starts by starting or joining a public discussion. Ask a question, offer an opinion or give advice to fellow participants and start building relationships.

Found someone or a business you want to know better? Send them a private message.

Connect in Person

Book meetings with the right people in the right places at the event venue... before the event even begins.

When attendees arrive they have a full schedule that exceeds their expectations.

  • Request a meeting at a specific time and location at the event
  • Reserve networking tables or rooms
  • Export schedule or view on mobile
  • Host may set permissions on all features
A Private Meeting Scheduling Tool for Conferences and Events for Mobile Devices and Web

Case Study

How did the the Theatre Communication Group transform their static web site into a dynamic, year-round community for their 12,000 members?

Read this valuable case study to find out!

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Webinar: Building Community

Online communities play a vital role. Often, professionals don’t realize that successful online communities require strategy, diligent management and promotion…and that neglecting these can lead to disaster.

This presentation will give you the best tips and tricks for keeping an online event, conference or association community focused and thriving.

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Whitepaper: Best Practices

"If you build it, they will come."

It's a lovely sentiment, but as a plan...it lacks nuance, shall we say?

We've been building successful online communities for our customers for years, and we've learned a few things along the way. Please enjoy our whitepaper, "Best Practices in Online Community Management" with our compliments.

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Stay in Touch Year-Round

With Pathable the community doesn't end when the event is over. Give attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers the opportunity to connect and stay in touch year-round. Keep communicating with your audience throughout the year to guarantee repeat business and attendance next year.