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Private Meeting Scheduler for Conferences

Pathable's event platform and app makes booking and holding meetings easy.
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Because Meetings Matter

Whether in-person or virtual, people go to conferences to network and build relationships, but finding the right people, negotiating a time and place, and then keeping track of it all is hard.


No matter how you organize the appointments at your meeting, Pathable’s one-on-one meeting scheduling platform can make it easy.

1:1 Appointments

From ad hoc meetings to reverse trade show appointments, enable your attendees to find and meet the right people at your event.

  • Flexible matchmaking tools
  • Free-busy time views
  • Reservable meeting tables or rooms
  • Hold virtual meetings via Zoom
  • Sponsored meeting suites
  • Rules engine to control who may meet with whom, when and for how long
  • Cross-device, desktop web and mobile interface
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Matchmaking and Automatic Scheduling

Make it easy for attendees to connect with the right people at your event or conference with matchmaking and automatic appointment scheduling. Leave the hard work of coordinating and optimizing everyone’s schedules and meeting tables to Pathable’s powerful algorithms. Our flexible system supports multiple meeting styles, including speed dating, preferential matchmaking and interest-based matchmaking. Contact a Pathable consultant to see if it’s a fit for your event.

Reverse Trade Shows and Hosted Buyer

Give your vendors want they want: Qualified leads. Pathable’s “reverse trade show” and hosted buyer tools assist you in providing pre-scheduled appointments with qualified buyers to your vendors. At your virtual event, give attendees the chance to explore virtual trade show booths. Your vendors can see who “visited” their booth, build their list of leads, and follow up with interested attendees.

Brain Dates, Genius Bars, and More

There are dozens of ways to organize the appointments and meetings at your conference, and Pathable’s platform is flexible enough to support them all.


Contact us today to schedule a personal consultation with one of our event experts, and talk through customizations no matter your event type.

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