Get more out of your virtual events with Salesforce

Get more out of your virtual events with Salesforce

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Salesforce CRM is a powerful tool for managing customer insights and streamlining sales and marketing efforts. Meanwhile, your virtual events can offer up rich data about customer behaviors, interests, and preferences.

Use the two together and you have a powerhouse for gaining insights to improve customer relationships, business growth, and profitability.

With this in mind, let’s look at some effective ways to integrate Salesforce with your virtual events:

Use Salesforce to build event invitations.

Using Salesforce CRM, you can send invitations to leads, contacts, and accounts. Simply send them an email containing a link to your event microsite, landing page, or web page, allowing you to easily track their activities throughout your virtual event. Note that if you’re using Salesforce Lightning, you’ll need to integrate additional products to set up and manage events.

Connect your event marketing and registration software with Salesforce.

When using third-party platforms for event marketing and registration, one option would be to connect them with Salesforce.

To make it easy to track leads and learn how attendees discovered your event, you can also embed Salesforce-generated forms into your event microsite to capture event registration and ticket sales. To gather richer data, create event registration tiers with different packages so that attendees can select them based on their budget and preferences. You can then present attendees from each tier with information, products, and services that might appeal to them based on the option they chose.

Use event software that integrates with Salesforce.

To get more customer insights from your virtual events, be sure to choose a virtual event platform that integrates with Salesforce. Ideally, the platform should offer an open API to make the integration easier.

Generate the data you need.

It’s important to have a plan around how you will collect attendee data so you can use it later for customer insights and analysis. Here are some ideas for data collection:

  • Polling:  While your event is in progress, use push notifications to drive attendees to participate in polls, which can be used to measure attendee engagement or to ask attendees product-related questions.

  • Q&A: Allow event attendees to make use of interactive tools in your virtual event platform to submit questions, which can help you know their concerns and interests.

  • Surveys: Use Salesforce to send pre-and post-event surveys so you can capture and use the response data to plan future event strategies.

  • Online store: Offer some merchandise for sale to test consumer behavior and buying preferences. You can use the resulting sales data to determine what attendees and other customers are most likely to consume in the future.

Your virtual events have the potential to generate rich data to give you insights into your customers and potential customers. By using the powerful data gathering and analysis tools in Salesforce CRM, you can gain and use more data than ever to help you improve not only your virtual events, but also your general sales and marketing activities.

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