Conference session ideas for virtual and hybrid events

Conference session ideas for virtual and hybrid events

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Great virtual and hybrid events require great conference sessions. You might be just getting started with virtual and hybrid events. Or maybe you’ve been hosting them for years.


Either way, it’s important to breathe new life into your events with unique sessions that grab (and hold) attendees’ interest.


Let’s take a look at some creative conference session ideas to help you pull off more successful events:


  1. Get interactive.
    Presentation after presentation of slide decks filled with text can be a snooze. Use interactive elements, including animations, videos, and an event management platform, as well as interactive tools, like Canva, Flowvella, and Google Slides, to interact with your visuals while on-screen. Your attendees will thank you for livening up the sessions.

  2. Use a video wall.
    Helping your onsite and online attendees feel connected makes for a great hybrid event experience. A video wall that shows faces of virtual attendees during conference sessions can help speakers interact more effectively with both in-person and online audiences.

  3. Put attendees up on stage.
    What says attendee engagement more than attendees as speakers? Ask attendees to submit proposals for short presentations related to conference sessions or event themes, and then select a few that stand out. Give them the floor for 15-30 minutes to present to both in-person and virtual audiences.

  4. Chat by the “fire”.
    Mix a few fireside chats into your conference session lineup to stir things up a bit. Select a moderator (from your organization or your industry) to engage a knowledgeable guest in conversation. By adding a few of these less formal sessions, your conference content will have more variety and feel more engaging to attendees.

  5. Make it fun.
    Break up the conference agenda with some fun activities. These might include live music, gamification, a magic show, a painting session – the list goes on as far as your imagination can take it. Just be sure to design the activity so that both in-person and online audiences can participate.

  6. Keep the ideas flowing.
    Keep in mind that there’s not just one way to make your virtual and hybrid events more interesting for attendees. Consider maintaining a running list of ideas for conference sessions as you think of them or come across them in articles or at events you might be attending.

    A helpful way to generate new session ideas is to think about the type of event experience you want to offer attendees. Come up with a list of words to describe it, such as interactive, relaxed, informative, engaging, and fun. Then use each word as the inspiration for new ways to bring that “feel” to life for your attendees.


These are just a few ideas for creative conference sessions for virtual and hybrid events. For more ideas, details, and inspiration, check out some of Pathable’s Customer Success Stories and see how other organizations made their virtual and hybrid event experiences more engaging.