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How an Event App Keeps the Conversation Going After an Event

Great event managers want to give attendees an event experience filled with ROI.  Pathable guides and supports event planners as they achieve that goal. We see ourselves as your partner, working hand-in-hand to deliver great experiences and providing a conference event app architected from the ground-up so that the choices attendees make automatically follow them from device to device.

Melanie Woodward at EventPlanning BlueprintTV talks with our CEO, Jordan, about why we created an event app that keeps the conversation going long after the event is over.

Watch as Jordan shares:
• How working at Microsoft gave him the idea for creating Pathable (1:19)
• Tools to create relationships before the event begins (2:17)
• Why adjusting to your clients needs are important for your business (2:45)
• How event apps help networking at an event (4:45)
• How to target event attendees with an event app (5:22)
• What sets Pathable apart from social networking (5:51)
• Why networking is in their DNA (7:50)
• Creating Tribe and exclusivity at your events (9:35)
• Why listening to your clients needs is essential to success (12:10)
• Social networking is only one piece of networking, what else is needed? (13:24)

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Pathable was founded in 2007 on the principle that relationships matter. Face-to-face events provide an unparalleled opportunity to connect with people, but so often, that opportunity is squandered. So we decided to create a product that would enable people to optimize their time together (and help the people who planned the events do it more efficiently). Check out how it can help supercharge engagements and relationships for your attendees

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