About Pathable

Pathable was formed in 2007 by a group of people with deep roots in the technology, social networking and event industries. Our managerial and software development experience, forged and honed at companies like Microsoft, Intel and Zillow ensure that our company has a culture of delivering robust, high-quality software on rigorous deadlines. Our social media depth allows us to deliver easy-to-use, valuable and meaningful experiences.

Meet the Management Team

Jordan Schwartz, CEO, earned his B.S. from Brown University and his M.S. in Social Psychology from the University of Washington. He spent over 10 years at Microsoft building consumer-focused products, including several versions of Windows and MSN. Most recently, he led the Windows Live on-line photo sharing effort before leaving in 2007 to join Pathable. In addition to making conference experiences better, Jordan has a passion for mobile technologies and indulges his love of community by authoring the Wallingford, Seattle neighborhood blog, Wallyhood. He also leads a team of 60,000 bees in the manufacture and production of a delicious, organic honey.

Contact: jordan@pathable.com

Peter Brown, CTO, has over 10 years of experience in Internet technology, from concept rapid prototyping, architecture to development, deployment to operations, and branding to promotion. He studied Computer Science at the University of Washington and at Tohoku University in Japan. His first company, Messenger9, sold to WideMile and, after a year spent traveling, he joined SuperOyster as Director of Web Development before co-founding Pathable.

Contact: peter@pathable.com

Why Pathable?

  • The event industry is the original "social networking platform": humans assembling in a single place, building real business and social relationships. Pathable's on-line tools make attendees, sponsors and event organizers more effective at forming these genuine human connections.
  • The Pathable team combines the finest designers, technologists and social media experts in the industry to provide a complete solution for your events: easy-to-use, engaging and reliable.
  • Our account managers have experience with building hundreds of communities around events just like yours. Let us guide you through best practices or take the keys and drive yourself.
  • Looking to build a community around your organization, not just your event? Our industry-leading platform and famous white glove service can help you get the engagement from your customers and members year-round.