What is an Event Microsite and Why Should You Be Using One?

What is an Event Microsite and Why Should You Be Using One?

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The design of your event and attendee experience is a valuable one that you no doubt are touting through your marketing, social media, and influencers. But ultimately, how do you make that message stand out amongst all the noise of the large brand?

Why not create an event microsite?

Eventprofs are always on the lookout for ways to more effectively communicate the value of their upcoming event in a way that doesn’t drive the marketing or IT department crazy. You want to achieve the goal of urgently creating that fear of missing out (or FOMO as the kids call it) if you miss out on so much value by not attending your upcoming event.

What is a microsite?

Often called a mini site, Contently calls a microsite a branded content site that lives outside of the company homepage and/or brand URL focused on a narrow content area.

That’s it, really. Unlike an organization or company website with multiple sections covering a large variety of information and calls to action, an event microsite is created for a specific purpose for a defined amount of time.

Some of the big benefits that a microsite can bring to your organization’s event include:

  • Better Event Branding: A microsite allows you to create a unique brand for your event that is different from your organization’s brand.
  • Better Targeted Messaging: It’s easier to focus your message or value proposition for your event when it is separated from the unrelated content on your organization’s website. Visitors see exactly what you want them to see without having to do any searching. And more easily register and engage with the event as a result.
  • Easier to Setup: A microsite can be set up quickly, making them ideal for events with a short lifetime like your annual event. You can also re-use them year after year, updating the theme or branding but keeping the core elements of your event in place.
  • Better to Grab Attention: People who typically visit your look your home page may only quickly scan for new content and then leave before digging deeper. A microsite gives you more opportunities to grab them with information and design that drives the appeal of your event.
  • Targeted Data Tracking: Your marketing team will like that you can better track who is interested in and who has already registered for the event through integrating tracking codes on a microsite. An event microsite provides a landing spot for campaigns where you track performance, giving you valuable insight into the effectiveness of your overall promotional efforts for your event.
  • Enhanced Search Engine Optimization: A unique URL for your event using relevant keywords, coupled with a site that is highly focused around your event will perform better in the search engines.

When done right, an event microsite helps generate incredible buzz about your event that a static banner ad or targeted email campaign can’t do alone.

An event microsite can be a dynamic single page or multiple interactive sections. However, its real power is derived from its laser focus. The key feature of a microsite is that it is event specific and doesn’t hold the broader objectives of your organization’s website.

To get the best results from a microsite, remember these 3 tips:

  1. Your messaging must have a targeted focus. Don’t talk about membership AND the event.
  2. Content should be focused on the content area. In other words, the page is there to talk about the event. Don’t make it about the organization.
  3. The content you place on it should have some interactivity. Have something that keeps people coming back and something for them to do while they’re there.

Don’t Settle for an Average Event Microsite

These days, the best event microsite investment is one based on your event goals and attendee needs. If you’re looking for more engagement, more connectivity, the best experience, do concentrate on that rather than only price. Your attendees expect more and exceptional meeting planners don’t settle for the base minimum — they use microsites to answer specific needs of their attendees, and create a much more engaging and experience-driven event in the process.

How Pathable Can Help

Don’t feel like you have to wander alone when creating a microsite. Our team is always standing by to answer questions, bounce ideas off of, and meet up with you at the next industry tradeshow to chat about options you’re considering. If you’re looking for more in-depth advice on apps and event management, subscribe to the Pathable blog or join us for one of our monthly CMP webinars. And as always, when you’re ready to take the next step, don’t hesitate to schedule a free demo!