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Educational Webinars For Meeting Planners

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Advanced Negotiating—Limiting Liability and Maximizing Contract Concessions webinars
Advanced Negotiating for Venue Contracts

This session trains the planner to locate potential issues, understand the hotel’s approach to contracts and negotiate options that work best for your group. Both new and experienced planners receive ...

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event tech trends in 2019
Event Technology Trends in 2019

Your role in managing an event is far more than sourcing a venue or planning a menu. Today’s event manager has oversight for the strategic design and attendee experience. Event ...

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getting started with virtual reality pathable event apps
How to Get Started with Virtual & Augmented Reality at Your Events

Virtual and augmented reality has exploded into the events world and we are already seeing many exciting use cases by companies at conferences, at trade shows, and through training. Is ...

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How to Rock Event Marketing pathable webinars
How to Rock Event Marketing

An event isn’t anything without attendees. Many times though, (especially if your staff is small) you spend so much time on actually planning the event that you suddenly realize, you ...

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What Event Planners Need to Know About GDPR (1)
What Event Planners Need to Know about GDPR

Does all this noise about GDPR matter to you, the event planner? It does if you are handling the personal data of EU citizens who attend your events or work ...

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3 ways to build a sponsorship program pathable webinar series (1)
3 Ways to Improve Your Sponsorship Program

What seasoned event managers know is that the two most important things you’ll need to pull off your event are permission and money. Whether you’re a non-profit organization raising money ...

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