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Asking the Best Questions for Virtual Trade Show Success

Exhibiting successfully, whether in-person or virtually, starts with asking the right qualifying questions of your event attendees. Bringing decades of event experience, trade show consultant Hiett Ives shared what those ...

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Defining the New Normal: Post-coronavirus Events & Conferences

We are seeing a swift and profound shift happening among corporate conferences, association meetings, and in-person events: Pivoting to digital environments is the next best thing to face-to-face. Featuring subject ...

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People, Place, Thing: The Future of Work for Associations

Today’s workplace is not the workplace of your parents, or even that of your older siblings!  Thanks to technology, the way work is accomplished in associations has changed – more ...

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The Value of Volunteer Subject Matter Experts at Association Events

The greatest asset associations have is a large pool of volunteer subject matter experts (SMEs). This enables communities of practice to create sophisticated educational products on cutting edge topics at ...

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Mobile Event App Best Practices: Boost Your Attendee Engagement

You’ve made the investment in your mobile event app, spent so much time making it functional and fantastic looking, but you’re only seeing about 45% user adoption. Or worse, you’re ...

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AV Smackdown: How to Negotiate Events Audiovisual
AV Smackdown: In-house vs. 3rd Party Audiovisual Companies

Join presenters Brandt Kruger and Will Curran for this 3 round smackdown to discuss the pros and cons of each model, and help learn what’s the right fit for you. ...

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