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Educational Webinars For Meeting Planners

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AV Smackdown: How to Negotiate Events Audiovisual
AV Smackdown: In-house vs. 3rd Party Audiovisual Companies

Join presenters Brandt Kruger and Will Curran for this 3 round smackdown to discuss the pros and cons of each model, and help learn what’s the right fit for you. ...

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Advanced Negotiating—Limiting Liability and Maximizing Contract Concessions webinars
Advanced Negotiating for Venue Contracts

This session trains the planner to locate potential issues, understand the hotel’s approach to contracts and negotiate options that work best for your group. Both new and experienced planners receive ...

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event tech trends in 2019
Event Technology Trends in 2019

Your role in managing an event is far more than sourcing a venue or planning a menu. Today’s event manager has oversight for the strategic design and attendee experience. Event ...

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getting started with virtual reality pathable event apps
How to Get Started with Virtual & Augmented Reality at Your Events

Virtual and augmented reality has exploded into the events world and we are already seeing many exciting use cases by companies at conferences, at trade shows, and through training. Is ...

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Inside Secrets to Venue Booking and Negotiation for the Savvy Event Prof
Hotel Insider Series – Venue Booking Contracts Negotiation Tips & Tricks

Contracts do more than confirm Space, Dates and Rates– Attrition, Cancellation, Force Majeure, Programs, Sliding Scales, Cut-off Dates and many other areas are quoted by the hotel and accepted by ...

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inside secrets to hotel catering
Hotel Catering Negotiation, “From the Inside”

How can coffee cost $110++ per gallon? How is hotel water for tea $90++ per gallon? Why is the hotel or convention center trying to charge meeting room rental when ...

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