How to Get Started with Virtual & Augmented Reality at Your Events

Virtual and augmented reality has exploded into the events world and we are already seeing many exciting use cases by companies at conferences, at trade shows, and through training. View this webinar to ensure your company isn’t getting left behind.

It’s not just about what’s cool; these digital experiences immerse spectators into a live experience. It’s not only as if they were there themselves, but as though the user is closer to the action than ever before.

What You’ll Learn:

  • American Airlines events and marketing team saved thousands of dollars by investing and redeploying digital assets across all marketing channels
  • Bell Helicopter: Launched a new innovation program using VR/AR for trade shows & events, including showcases at CES and Heli-Expo
  • Galderma used 3D for improved interactive training and knock it out of the park keynote addresses

CMP Domain: Meeting/Event Design