Free Pre-Recorded Educational Webinars

Pathable offers regular educational webinars on event technology, mobile event apps, social media and related topics. Recorded versions are available below.


Event App in 20 Minutes

Think creating a mobile event app for your conference will be difficult or time consuming? Think again!

Join Jordan Schwartz, CEO of Pathable, for this bite-sized webinar that will show you, step-by-step exactly how easy it is to create an app for your conference or event. Includes creating your agenda, adding exhibitors, venue maps and tradeshow floor maps, even connecting the system to your favorite registration system.

Please note: Although this was advertised as a 20 minute webinar, the entire


Creating Year-Round Community: Event Marketing Niravana or Pipe Dream?

Keeping your attendees engaged when not face-to-face at an event is the holy grail of event marketers and association community managers. How do you engage your attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers before, during and after your event? This session offers a practical guide to leveraging events to build year-round community, while engaging your exhibitors and sponsors.

We cover such topics as:

  • Goals and benefits
  • Tool review with pros and cons
  • Benefits and uses of public social media and private networking

Social Media 101 for Event Professionals

The Internet has shifted from a broadcast, one-to-many media to a social, one-to-one and many-to-many media. Leveraging social media for conferences, tradeshow, congresses and conventions can be critical to their success. The shift has introduced new tools, techniques and opportunities for people and organizations involved in “the original social media platform”: face-to-face events.

Join Microsoft veteran Jordan Schwartz, president of the digital event experience platform company Pathable, and Christine DeFazio, Content Marketing Manager at SignUp4 for this primer, meant to


Event Technology Trends for 2014

What are the latest technology trends in the event industry, and how can you leverage them to keep your events current and dynamic?

  • What’s happening in the mobile app events space, how how to choose your provider
  • What hardware improvements are coming to devices to streamline your registration, checkin and lead retrieval process
  • What is an “API” and how can you use them to integrate the services you use to power your event
  • What’s the latest trend in presentation software

Beyond Tweets and Likes: Advanced Social Media Techniques for Events

You know the social media basics: if people like your brand on Facebook and retweet you on Twitter, you multiply the reach of your message. Is that all there is?

Join Jordan Schwartz, Microsoft veteran and CEO of Pathable along Sara Altier, Community Manager for Eventbrite for a deep dive on taking your social strategy. Learn the cutting edge tricks of the trade that the digerati and expert social media marketers use to promote and connect with their audience. You’ll


Attendee Business Intelligence

Survey data misses a large number of issues, and recent research has shown that behavioral data can provide a much more accurate, valuable lens into attendee attitudes. Join psychologist and technology entrepreneur Jordan Schwartz for a special webinar, with eye-opening techniques you can use to more accurately understand what’s in your attendees’ heads.

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Leverage Virtual and Live Events to Increase Adoption of Your Online Community

We all want the online community where so many people are actively engaging around a topic that it goes viral and your next event sells out in seconds.

Unfortunately, this type of community is quite rare and typically, does not occur by design. Check out this fun, dynamic webinar, presented by Suzanne Carawan, CMO for etouches. She talks about what is possible, offers great real life examples and how you can leverage virtual and live experiences.

  • Event Timeframes: Learn modern

Finding Sponsors for B2B vs B2C Events

Sponsors and events need to be a perfect fit. But B2B and B2C events have different needs, and should be attempting to attract different types of sponsors.

No matter what type of event you’re organizing, check out this great starting point to help you fully utilize sponsorship as a monetization channel. View our on-demand webinar “Finding Sponsors for B2B vs. B2C Events,” with content presented by SponsorHub CTO Andrew Reid.

  • Learn how & why B2B sponsorships differ from B2C sponsorships

Using Cloud Technology For Your Events

Go to the cloud for your events. Join Pathable and Eventsforce for insights on this increasingly vital topic.

The use of cloud technology can help you meet and exceed goals throughout your event’s life cycle. Join these two industry-leading companies to learn best practices on evaluating cloud technologies and using them to improve your event’s efficiency and value.

  • Cloud vs. Server: Pros & cons of cloud technologies versus client based software
  • Evaluating Technologies: Choose the best tool for your event

Plan & Measure Your Events To Deliver ROI Improvement

You can’t afford to neglect event ROI. Understanding, measuring and reporting your return on investment is essential to your event’s success, but knowing which ROI metrics to capture can be overwhelming.

Access the slides and recording from our recent webinar “Plan & Measure Your Events to Deliver Profit Improvement” and hit the ground running. Learn from Ed Jones of Constellation Communication Corp. how you can plan, accomplish, measure and report your event’s value.

  • Setting & Expanding Objectives: Create more value

Best Practices in Online Community Management

Online communities play a vital role. Often, professionals don’t realize that successful online communities require strategy, diligent management and promotion…and that neglecting these can lead to disaster.

This presentation will give you the best tips and tricks for keeping an online event, conference or association community focused and thriving.

  • Value of Online Communities: From networking to collaboration
  • Creating a Community Mission & Setting Goals: How to choose your mission and suggestions for community goals
  • Defining Community Roles in Your Organization:

Understanding Mobile Apps for Events

Attendee demand for mobile apps is growing every day, but how do you know which app is the best fit? There are so many vendors, so much functionality and so many different pricing models that it is overwhelming to narrow down the field.

Presented by meeting professional Michelle Bruno, these materials will help educate and empower you to make decisions around mobile apps for events.

  • Attendee Needs: Which needs can mobile apps address?
  • Strategy: What a does a mobile solution