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MPI Spotlight: Be A Proactive Planner in 2021 | December Industry Insight Webinar

How can I prepare for meetings and events in 2021, and what are ways to continue my education as a planner? Join us for our December Industry Insight where we ...

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Capture Virtual Audiences and Crush Zoom Fatigue

Join Chief Boredom Buster Andrea Driessen for the four questions to create a content roadmap that crushes Zoom fatigue. Learn how to build memorable experiences for attendees (both virtually and ...

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Unlocking Opportunities to Advance Virtual Sales

In this month’s thought leadership webinar, Ciara Feely shares about the sales skills needed to open up opportunities selling virtually, and she walks you through areas of adjustment for your ...

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The Future of Virtual: A Conversation with Pathable

Listen in as Pathable CEO + Co-Founder Jordan Schwartz and Island Innovation CEO + Founder James Ellsmoor explore where we’ve come from and where we’re going in the virtual event ...

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free doesn't scale on-demand webinar
Free Doesn’t Scale: The Economy of Audience Attention

Join us for an engaging conversation about how to rethink your pricing model for virtual events. Kahlil Ashanti is an expert on the economy of relationship between presenters and their ...

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The Virtual Experience Through Pathable

Join us as we dive into the virtual event planning world and some of the ways to create an outstanding virtual event experience through the Pathable platform. Learn about our ...

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