How Virtual & Hybrid Event Solutions Create Meaningful Connections Both Online & In-Person

How Virtual & Hybrid Event Solutions Create Meaningful Connections Both Online & In-Person

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Sure, we all long to meet in person again soon. But the lessons learned during the pivot to this new virtual world will surely change the future of in-person gatherings, with innovative hybrid solutions opening up new ways to engage worldwide attendees and add value for sponsors.

Here at Pathable, we help event planners to plan, promote, and host events of any type. Our virtual and hybrid event platform and mobile app are designed to power virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. Our solutions provide an easy-to-use, all-in-one tool for interactive education, real-time networking, and more. 

Some of the platform’s powerful engagement features include: 

  • Versatile Live Streaming Solutions
  • Group or Private 1:1 Virtual Meetings
  • Private Messaging & Meeting Scheduling
  • Interactive Engagement
  • Gamification
  • Virtual Trade Show with Group or Private 1:1 Connection

With platforms like Pathable, virtual event elements will shift from a temporary solution to a lasting staple in the event, meeting, and conference industry, for both hybrid and fully online events. Here’s why virtual event elements are here to stay—and how Pathable can help facilitate them.

1. Virtual and hybrid events create opportunities for engagement and on-demand connection.

Relationships are hard to build through webinars alone—so the best virtual and hybrid events offer a plethora of ways for attendees to exchange ideas, converse, and build their networks. 

Immersive virtual and hybrid events allow remote attendees to participate in engaging and relevant conversations in a variety of formats. They can enjoy experiential connection to speakers through sessions, to fellow attendees through networking, and to exhibitors through an immersive virtual trade show. Hybrid events can provide unique experiences for both in-person and virtual attendees, allowing individuals to choose the form of attendance and engagement that is right for them.

Pathable uses a variety of engagement features to highlight the human element and the power of connectivity at events. Attendees can connect with each other through tools such as interactive session chat, private messaging, meeting scheduling and group or private virtual meetings. As a result, they can connect in the format that they choose and on their preferred timeline.

Pathable also provides on-demand connection in the virtual trade show space. Exhibitors can embed product videos, share collateral, host video product showcases, and chat one-on-one with the push of a button. With on-demand video calling through the Talk Now feature, attendees can instantly connect 1:1 with exhibitors. By allowing exhibitors to choose their availability and encouraging attendees to call exhibitors in real time, the virtual trade show offers a flexible experience for meaningful connection.

2. Virtual and hybrid events allow you to offer versatile content and high-quality production elements.

The 2020 pivot into the virtual space sparked creativity and ingenuity by encouraging event planners to create unique virtual and hybrid experiences that were just as fruitful as previously planned in-person events. The virtual space allowed them to source top-notch global talent and think outside the box when it comes to presentation and experience. 

As hybrid events increase in prevalence in the coming year, remote attendees will be able to tune into world-class events and entertainment, even if they are unable to attend in-person. By producing and recording live sessions and broadcasting to both live and virtual audiences, hybrid events can create an engaging experience for any and all attendees.

As many planners have seen in the last year, AV Production is just as important for the virtual components of your event as the live elements. Producing a high quality experience and showcasing polished and thoughtful event content requires special attention to AV planning, production, and logistics. The hybrid event model demands a team of highly knowledgeable subject matter experts who have experience in both in-person and virtual events. With the right event technology, an experienced audiovisual team will be able to produce a cohesive event that connects the two worlds of in-person and virtual through one platform. Furthermore, as we look to the future of events, we realize that there is a longing to return to gather in-person. A hybrid event allows planners to create a space for attendees to safely gather in-person while still supporting the technical needs of connecting virtual and in-person audiences. 

The Pathable platform supports a variety of events, through the customizable virtual components and a mobile app for both virtual and in-person events. To meet evolving event needs, Pathable offers a suite of Premium Services to support the virtual and in-person components of hybrid events, including AV Production Procurement & Execution, Graphic Design Services, Event Planning & Management and Premium Implementation. We can also connect you to our network of trusted vendor partners, who can support a variety of session types to bring the agenda you envision to life.

The playbook for hybrid events is still being written, so the sky’s the limit for creativity and innovation in connecting remote and virtual attendees. But one thing is clear: virtual event elements offer an incredible level of lasting value and connectivity to your audience — and take events to the next level. At Pathable, we’re reimagining event management to help you do just that.

3. Virtual components allow for year-round community. 

At an in-person-only event, you may get three to five days to engage with the audience members who had the time and resources to travel to your host venue. A virtual or hybrid event, on the other hand, can easily be leveraged into a 365-day community. Not only does your event website offer opportunities to network during the event, but it can also serve as a continued point of connection long after your event has ended.

With Pathable, attendees can revisit session content, continue discussions through forums, peruse vendor materials, and connect with each other through a searchable attendee and vendor directory. For up to a year following the event, hosts can make live or pre-recorded webinars available through on-demand playback. Allow discussion forums and chats to live on for long-term conversations surrounding a specific topic. The virtual event website can provide continued opportunities to pursue networking and serves as a hub of lasting engagement.

4. Attendees from all around the world can easily connect. 

Virtual events allow participants to schedule live video meetings, join breakout sessions, and call exhibit booth staff on-demand from anywhere in the world—leading to more diverse and well-rounded gatherings. As planners continue to creatively host virtual and hybrid events in the coming months, we will see in-person and remote attendees sharing integrated experiences that welcome attendee participation, no matter where they are attending from.

In July 2020, the Association of Proposal Management Professionals hosted a virtual summit with Pathable, welcoming more than 2,200 worldwide attendees. With Pathable’s help, the association hosted 32 consecutive hours of content—a total of 120 sessions—that took place continuously, meaning there was always new content and interactive chats, polls, and Q&As, regardless of an attendee’s time zone. (All sessions were also recorded and available on demand.)

When the event wrapped, the website stayed live so attendees could catch up on anything they missed, and see new content such as recaps and thank-you videos. Pathable reports that the site saw nearly 2,000 additional visits in the week after the event ended. (Want to learn more? Click here for an in-depth case study on the summit.)

What’s more, Pathable’s own team members work from five different continents, so they understand the importance and power of staying connected around the world. 

The power of virtual event elements is here for the long haul. To learn how you can reach a wider audience and create meaningful connections through your virtual or hybrid event, connect with a specialist from our team for a personalized tour of the platform.