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Everything You Need in a Virtual, Hybrid or In-Person Event Platform

Event Engagement

Pathable’s award-winning online community, social network, private meeting scheduling tools and video meetings help your attendees connect before, during and after your event.

Personalized Agenda

Allow attendees to choose sessions they want. We support single or multi-track functions, detailed descriptions, speaker profiles, handouts, required and restricted sessions, waitlisting and more.

Appointment Scheduling

Your attendees can book one-on-one, private meetings prior to the event, or you can manage it for them. Matchmaking and free-busy time ensure the right people connect, and video calls ensure those meetings happen even when in-person can't.

Surveys & Live Polls

Powerful live polling through an event platform turns attendees into participants. Lightning fast results are displayed live to the audience, providing ultimate engagement.

Interactive Maps

For in-person and hybrid events, we offer interactive maps of your conference sessions, trade show and other venue locations. We also offer Google Maps integration for walking directions.


Create an experience where attendees are engaged, motivated, and inspired to take action. Our events team can help you design games and digital or in-person scavenger hunts to enhance your program.

Sponsor & Exhibitor Listings

More opportunities bring more revenue. Allow exhibitors and sponsors to connect with and convert leads through in-app lead retrieval when onsite, digital sponsorship options, and a virtual exhibit hall.

QR Code - CEU Tracking

For in-person and hybrid events, track your attendees with a built-in scanner on any mobile device. Scan badges to confirm event attendance for CEUs or generate extra revenue by selling lead retrieval to your exhibitors.

Private Messaging

Attendees connect through in-platform messaging for private attendee networking or chat one-on-one (without exposing private information). Push notification and email alerts make sure they stay connected.

API Integrations

Pathable offers dozens of out-of-the-box integrations with all your favorite registration providers, AMS's and CRM's, such as YourMembership, Eventbrite, Cvent, aventri, Salesforce and many, many more. Ask us about adding yours.

Customized Branding

Carry the fonts, colors, and logos of your brand consistently through your entire platform and website for optimal attendee impact.

Metrics & Analytics

Pathable’s analytics dashboard allows you to view all the statistics about your attendees and gives you key insights that help planners understand how successful your event is.

Dedicated Support

Manage your agenda, materials, exhibitors, and maps across devices in one place with a US-based Customer Happiness Manager dedicated to your event. We'll answer the phone on the weekends and at 2 am.

Private & Secure

Pathable uses the industry-leading security techniques to protect your data. We’re GDPR compliant and boast 99.99% historical uptime.

Multi-Screen Solutions

Pathable's platform creates an integrated solution that works across all your devices: Mobile, tablet and desktop. Now you can offer a rich event platform without any extra work (or cost!).

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