Top 10 mobile event apps for 2022

Top 10 mobile event apps for 2022

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Whether you are trying to plan around COVID-19 variants, or want to make your events accessible to those who left the city for rural pastures, or you just want to reach a wider audience – the answer to your events in 2022 is a hybrid event strategy.

Hybrids have been a popular trend due to their “best of both worlds” approach for in-person and virtual event solutions. In fact, 79% of companies are expecting to host hybrid events in 2022. If you are one of the many event marketers or planners considering the transition to hybrid events, are you equipped with the right technology to make your event a success? You’re not alone. A fifth of marketers reported being in the market for virtual event tech solutions for this very reason.

One of the most important aspects of hybrid event technology solutions is a mobile event app. The right mobile app will power your attendee engagement, connect in-person and virtual attendees, manage, and integrate customer data, streamline event logistics, and more.

This post is designed to shed light on what a mobile event app is and how it can assist you in reaching hybrid event success. In addition, we’ll break down five categories of mobile event apps and the top 10 mobile event apps available on the market.

What is a mobile event app?

An event app is a planning and management solution aimed at enhancing the experiences of both attendees and planners. It does this by centralizing all or part of the event management process and guest engagement into the convenient location of their smartphone.

In their advent, event apps were essentially digital event agendas. However, event apps have evolved rapidly to solve many aspects of the event process like networking, content absorption, audience engagement, attendee tracking and more. By providing increased convenience for attendees and streamlined management for event planners, mobile event apps benefit everyone along the way.

What can a mobile event app do for your hybrid event?

Even though hybrid events involve the live streaming of your in-person event, a successful hybrid event entails much more strategy and planning than just a webcast. Hybrid events demand their own set of unique needs to be met to satisfy both of your audiences. Of course, once you have found the solutions to meet these needs, the benefits of going hybrid are worth the extra effort. Expand your brand’s reach, capture new audiences, and provide attendees with a sleek and modern experience.

The mobile app is quintessential in the endeavor of a successful hybrid event. The right mobile app will serve as a robust resource for in-person and virtual attendees alike. For example, in-person attendees can utilize the mobile app to look up floor plans, network with other guests, interact with exhibitors, engage in breakout sessions, and view on-demand content. Similarly, virtual attendees will use the mobile app as the venue itself. Inside the app is where they will experience the entire event including keynote speakers, virtual sponsor exhibitions, breakout session engagements, live chats and more.

Five categories of features to look for in a mobile event app

As important as the mobile app is to the success of your hybrid event, choosing the right app for your organization is a decision you need to make fully informed. So how do you know which app is right for you? There are thousands of app features to consider, but don’t get overwhelmed. We have broken down the five most important categories of features to look for in a mobile event app that will drive you toward your hybrid event’s success:

  1. Attendee engagement
  2. Attendee tracking
  3. Sponsorship & exhibition features
  4. Networking & communication
  5. Data & analytics

These are the five key areas to keep in mind when looking for your mobile event app. Remember that the purpose of the mobile app is to unite two separate views of the same content into one cohesive experience. Bridging this gap between audiences is no small feat, so choosing the right mobile event app is not a task to take lightly.

For this reason, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and prepared this list of the top 10 best mobile event apps. Learn and compare each one to find out which works best for your organization.

Top 10 Best Mobile Event Apps for Your Hybrid Event

#1: Pathable

Pathable provides custom mobile apps that can transform conference and association events by drastically improving the experiences of event planners, exhibitors, and attendees alike.

The platform has features to improve every aspect of event planning, from creating and marketing the event app in advance to managing the attendee experience. This includes, but is not limited to, features targeting accommodations, lead retrieval, meeting management, and even post-event discussion forums. Pathable is a comprehensive solution and with it, you are sure to have every feature necessary to host a memorable event.

What are the best features of Pathable?

  • Easy app creation and customization, allowing both simple set-up and more in-depth, coded customizations.
  • Branded event app and microsite, both of which update in real-time as you make changes.
  • In-app sponsorships, providing another event revenue stream.
  • City guide pages to provide attendees with accommodation information for the event.
  • Live polls and gamification, for guest engagement and feedback throughout the event.
  • Meeting booking tools for attendees to easily coordinate networking times with one another.
  • Badge scanning for quick lead retrieval and CEU tracking, which helps track event attendance in educational settings.

Moreover, Pathable provides a client happiness manager whose sole purpose is to work closely with your team to create and manage your event app.

#2: Core-apps

Core-Apps is an event technology company that specializes in apps for conferences and trade shows.

The platform offers three different event app solutions: Follow Me, EventLink, and EventLink+. Of these solutions, Core-Apps offers a trade show app, a large conference app, and a simplified conference app.

Check out a few features the apps include to address those types of events:

  • Session handouts and evaluations, allowing attendees to get the most from the conference.
  • Enhanced exhibitor listings, including images on the in-app exhibitor gallery.
  • Pop-up wizard providing “how to” guidance to app users.

Whether creating a huge conference, or a local trade show, there is a good chance Core-Apps would be a good addition to your planning.

#3: TripBuilder

The mobile event app by TripBuilder Media is a comprehensive platform that focuses on continuous engagement. Their app delivers a compelling and shared experience for all hybrid attendees, no matter where they are.

Administratively, TripBuilder allows you to gain better ROI insights, increase engagement and profitability while decreasing spending. Do this with their tools for tracking trends, generating visual representations of data, quick revenue reporting for sponsors, and specific module performance filters.

Other excellent features included with TripBuilder:

  • Targeted messaging through segmented audience tools
  • Built-in sponsorship features like rotating banner ads for additional revenue generation
  • Personalization tools to show/hide different features to select user bases
  • Session-specific interaction so attendees can interact at each session for valuable engagement
  • Networking, gamification, polling, and more

Discover the power of one user-friendly mobile app that covers your needs all year long with TripBuilder Media.

#4: Bizzabo

Bizzabo’s Event Experience OS is built to power immersive in-person, virtual and hybrid events. Their next generation software will transform your events into engaging and rewarding experiences.

Bizzabo drives revenue by maximizing customer outcomes and goals and grows your community by fostering meaningful connections with all your audiences. Look for these key features from Bizzabo:

  • Secure & scalable software that meets strict compliance requirements
  • An open platform that seamlessly integrates with your other apps and systems
  • Centralized event intelligence that delivers rich data and powerful insights to drive your business decisions

The Event Experience OS equips you with the tools you need to manage, promote, and produce high-quality branded events.

#5: Attendify

Attendify is a mobile event app motivated by two things: improving attendee experience and gathering all available insights regarding that experience.

This comprehensive platform is well-suited for more experienced event planners looking to make the most of their large events. It offers in-app registration, a private attendee social network, and even extensive in-app sponsorship options.

Attendify has features that provide valuable insights regarding how attendees are experiencing your event including:

  • Real-time sponsor ROI, showing you trending sponsors and most popular ads.
  • Influencer identification, showing you which attendees are shaping the conversation at your event.
  • Sentiment analysis through views, ratings, and reviews allowing you to gauge the general enjoyment of the event.

#6: SpotMe

SpotMe is a mobile event app that enhances your hybrid and in-person events through facilitating relationships and driving your objectives. With SpotMe, an event does not have to be tied to a physical space. The platform’s virtual apps allow for live attendee engagement, content learning opportunities, and even networking.

Check out a few of the platform’s features:

  • Branded mobile event apps
  • Personalized attendee journeys
  • Participant matching to foster networking and attendee communications

#7: Webex Events

Webex Events (formerly Socio) is a platform specializing in branded apps for events, conferences, and trade shows. It includes all the necessary event app features, such as full customization of the event’s brand and a digital guide with all the information an attendee would need to make the most of the event.

Webex has optimized its networking features, allowing attendees to connect with one another in an efficient manner.

  • In-app social feed acting as your event’s own private social network.
  • Live display capabilities allow you to put your branded content on every screen around the venue.
  • Crowdsourced Q&A to collect and highlight real-time questions for your audience.

With the above features, event planners can ensure that attendees not only participate in their own education but that they also go beyond information absorption to grow their own networks.

#8: Eventdrive

Eventdrive is a platform built with the corporate community in mind. Eventdrive is an event management software overall, with a built-in event app. The software can tackle everything from event marketing, registration, and check-in to ROI calculations and Salesforce CRM integration.

Check out a few of the app’s key features:

  • Host multiple events within one app.
  • Create an event guide for easy navigation for attendees.
  • Encourage interactivity between guests with in-app features.

While the software itself is a robust solution, the event app itself has simple features.

#9: Whova

Whova is a conference and trade show app that holds all the typical functions event planners have come to expect from event app builders. However, Whova has taken these features a step further into eco-friendly territory.

They have taken the two major actions of a conference event– learning and networking– and taken them to completely paperless methods.

What are the best features of this mobile event app?

  1. Document sharing
  2. In-app notetaking
  3. Business card management, scanning & exchanging from within the app’s Smartprofiles.

Whova has been used by quite a few innovative institutions in planning their events, including TEDx and universities Stanford and Yale.

#10: Eventmobi

Eventmobi is a comprehensive event app builder that serves events of all shapes and sizes. Eventmobi aims to offer all the necessary features of an event app, including developer tools, attendee engagement features, and tech support. However, they do so in a way that fits your event and budget exactly.

Of the build-your-own features of Eventmobi, here are a few that stand out from the crowd:

  • Infobooth, a virtual event information booth hosting all the general event information and FAQs for easy access for attendees.
  • Training and support corresponding to what your event staff requires, whether that’s complimentary remote services or paid onsite support.
  • A sample event app available for perusal on the Eventmobi website, so prospective planners can experience the platform before investing in it.

With these features, you can invest in the exact solution your event requires and feel confident doing so.

Get started today

There is no better time to upgrade or begin your journey with event technology like a mobile event app. Use this guide to help you pick the most optimized solution for your organization’s specific needs and start planning your next hybrid event.

For more information on Pathable’s end-to-end event management software, including their mobile event app, book your free demo today.