Plastic Alternatives: What Options Does Your Event Have?

Plastic Alternatives: What Options Does Your Event Have?

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Planning an event is always exciting, particularly when it comes to finding the right theme and decor. Having a successful event takes both patience and proper planning to adapt to the newest industry standards. There is even a variety of event planning professional certifications available today to help you keep up with all of the changes in the market.

One of the biggest shifts we are seeing in the industry is an increased focus on health and the environment. As the world continues to become more health conscious, event planners and caterers alike are slowly but surely moving away from plastic and leaning toward more sustainable options.

Being environmentally friendly is no longer just a trend, but a lifestyle.

But clearing out your plastic doesn’t mean your next event or gathering has to suffer. In fact, replacing your plastic with more sustainable materials will add elegance to your tablescape. Here are just a few of the many options available to help you if you’re moving away from plastic and looking for more eco-friendly choices for your next event.

Consider Using Classic Porcelain or Metal

Some venues or caterers offer the opportunity to rent their porcelain dishes for your event. Not only are these options sturdier than plastic plates and bowls, but the finery also adds a chic touch to the dining experience guests will notice. This material is especially ideal for romantic or traditional themes. After the party, reception, or other gathering is complete, these dishes can be washed and reused, rather than tossed and added to a landfill.

Stainless steel, aluminum, and pewter are not necessary just for the cutlery. Once you have decided on a theme, you can choose unique platters or serving trays that are etched with various nature or holiday-inspired images that fit perfectly. Embracing this trend will give the celebration a warm vintage feel.

Being eco-friendly does not mean that you have to sacrifice on style. Try combining these two materials for a truly sustainable and modern-looking event.

Make Your Banquet and Event Natural

There is a variety of eco-friendly dinnerware options available today that are great to use for events. Bamboo, in particular, can be a great material to use for boho or beach events because it is incredibly flexible but durable. The beautiful patterns inherent in this material give bamboo dishware or decor an earthy texture.

Wood is also very practical when it comes to serving utensils and cutlery because it is incredibly sturdy, in addition to being a great accent material. The grains give dishes and decor a chic, rustic feel that is great for country or whimsical themes.

Having an environmentally-friendly event and catering options are now easier than ever before. There are so many healthy alternatives to plastic available in the market today. From fine porcelain to natural wood, there is something that can work for every occasion. The key is to find inspiration for how you want your event to look and feel and then get creative in how you bring that picture to life.

Author Bio: Katie Tejada is a writer, editor, and a fan of the eco-friendly. She is a former HR professional who, in addition to writing about the latest developments business communication, recruiting, and CRM solutions, covers trends in event planning and weddings for several companies, such as Bio and Chic.