The Best of Both Worlds: Highlighting Hybrid Success in 2022

The Best of Both Worlds: Highlighting Hybrid Success in 2022

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Best of Both Worlds: Hybrid

It’s all fine and good to read about best practices when it comes to hosting hybrid events. However, most of us are visual learners and need to see an example of what exactly it is we’re supposed to strive for when it comes to hybrid event success.  

Our team at Pathable has compiled a highlight reel of the hybrid events that are setting the bar in 2022. We hope you’ll use these examples as inspiration, while keeping in mind Oscar Wilde’s complete quote, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”  

In other words, rather than imitate, let these examples motivate you to raise the bar even higher and do more with your hybrid event.  

An easy way to do this is by leveraging a professional hybrid event platform that will elevate your next event to new heights. Pathable’s hybrid event platform is easy to use, end-to-end, and reliable. More on that later… for now, let us recap the events that are defining hybrid success in 2022.  

What Actually Defines Hybrid Event Success?  

Before we point out some powerhouse hybrid events, it’s helpful to recognize those elements that make a hybrid event successful. We’ve taken a minute to outline them below before offering our selection of the best hybrid events of 2022 thus far.  

  1. A Clear Purpose: In order to realize success with your hybrid events, you must first determine why you’re putting in effort to host this event in the first place. In other words, is your organization targeting brand awareness or lead generation? Are you attempting to establish new relationships or nurture existing ones with loyal clients?  
  2. A Sponsorship Strategy: Depending on who will attend your event and how many you anticipate, what are your opportunities to secure sponsorships for the event?  
  3. Audience Awareness: Consider your location and determine how many registrants will attend in person versus virtually. This will help guide your planning, relative to the amount of on-demand or prerecorded content that is available, compared to the number of on the ground workshops, happy hours, and extracurricular activities you intend to offer. 
  4. Commit to Quality Content Creation: Content consumption, whether in person or online, requires creative, engaging, relevant, and relatable material that will connect with your audience, regardless of how they attend the event. Don’t miss the chance to provide on-demand content even after the event in order to keep attendees connected and curious about your next event.  
  5. Invest in Engagement: This is a no-brainer when it comes to in-person events — hello, happy hours! However, when you need to encourage audience engagement virtually, you have to think outside the box… or screen. Make sure your hybrid event platform offers ample engagement features like polls, gamification, Q&A, and live chats in order to encourage virtual attendee engagement.  
  6. Get the Right Sponsorships: Sponsors are just as critical, if not more so, to a successful hybrid event as they are the traditional in-person version. Increase ROI for your hybrid event efforts by partnering with sponsors who might offer ways to connect with their brands, both in-person and online, whether that’s through demonstrations, giveaways, interviews, or a variety of on-demand content.  

With these metrics in mind, let’s turn to those organizations that best managed them for optimal hybrid success in 2022.  

5 Featured 2022 Hybrid Event Highlights, ABC Order 

As businesses and event planners grappled with how to pursue goals and continue with their initiatives during the shutdown and social distancing of the pandemic, much was learned about hosting hybrid events. Maybe your organization managed to host a successful one of its own. Ultimately, there were many hybrid events that we could point to as striking the right balance between in-person and virtual offerings.  

Here, we chose five from recognizable brands that are reimagining effective event management ...  


Perhaps it’s no surprise that Apple would top the list of companies doing hybrid events right in 2022, given that the brand has long mastered virtual connection with their customers. Live streaming of its new products and product updates has been a staple of Apple’s marketing initiatives; consider 2019, when Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, introduced new products in front of 1,000 people, in person, while more than two million viewers around the world looked on, remotely. It’s fair to expect that Apple’s streaming events will continue to integrate best practices in virtual and hybrid delivery, particularly with respect to audience engagement and interaction.  

B2B Summit North America 

As an event designed to sharpen sales teams and improve marketing campaigns, B2B Summit North America balanced the in-person opportunities, hosted in Austin, Texas, with equally engaging virtual events and interactions. A takeaway worth noting is the guided platform tour that put all virtual attendees on the same page, so to speak, and empowered them to manage their virtual experience. Pathable’s virtual event platform offers this and more, from our award-winning cross-device desktop web and mobile app, which is fast, reliable, and intuitive.  


If you haven’t already, we recommend marking your calendars for INBOUND 22, which will be hosted in person in Boston, September 6-9, with an option to join online starting September 7-9. The promise of INBOUND events is to introduce attendees, whether physically on the ground or virtually, to important voices across various industries, all of whom speak to some aspect of business success and effective leadership.  

The New Yorker Festival 

Possibly one of the coolest features of the New Yorker’s hybrid event, the New Yorker Festival, is the option to purchase a ticket for “Dining In Events,” an offer that delivers curated meals for virtual attendees, along with the chance to attend a virtual conference with those chefs responsible for creating them. A quick check of the ticketing page on the event website clearly shows categories and content for attendees to consider, both in-person and virtual, including videos on demand, outdoor events, and the aforementioned Dining In events.  

WEC Grapevine 

With MPI’s stated mission “to show how to safely bring back business meetings and events,” WEC Grapevine did just that in 2021 and to such success that MPI then had to host a similar event, WEC Vegas. The event website features important highlights, delineated between in-person and digital attendees, including the most attended sessions. Fun fact: of the 1,739 in attendance, 608 were in-person, while digital attendees totaled 1,131.  

What Do These Hybrid Events Have in Common? 

Simply put, these five hybrid events were hits because they delivered engaging opportunities and compelling content to both those in-person and virtual attendees. In order to do this, it’s critical that your hybrid platform is up to the challenge and able to connect with everyone registered in a clear and easy-to-use format.  

Though we’re still used to attending events in person, we’re all becoming more accustomed to virtual communication and, for that reason, event planners cannot prioritize one over the other; doing so will alienate one of your audiences and, as seen in WEC Grapevine example, virtual attendees often outnumber those on the ground.  

Pathable’s single tool — our virtual and hybrid event platform — offers multiple virtual meeting and webinar styles, along with flexible meeting capacities for virtual sessions, as well as virtual, hybrid, and in-person event solutions.  

At Pathable, part of our power comes from education and communicating with our customers what we know about hosting a successful hybrid event. 

Check out our customer success stories to better envision how Pathable has helped your colleagues and competitors master hybrid events.  

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