Case Study

Every year, Rakuten LinkShare holds affiliate marketing events in cities across the world. Retailers and publishers come to network, holding as many as 2,000 one-on-one meetings at each event.

Coordinating the meetings had become a cumbersome process for Rakuten account managers, who were booking each meeting manually using Microsoft Outlook.

So how did Rakuten manage to cut the time they spent scheduling meetings for their attendees in half? Read this fascinating case study for the answer!

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Kick The Tires

The more complex an agenda, the important it is that the presentation is easy-to-use. That goes for both the conference manager who maintains it and the attendee who uses to to select sessions.

Pathable's conference agenda tool doesn't stop at "easy", though. It's also sports powerful and flexible search tools as well as a clean, modern design that reflects well on your event's brand.

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Rules Matter

One thing we've discovered over the hundreds of events we've served is that each event is unique.

For some events, private meetings happen during designated "networking periods", others allow meetings any time. Some don't want exhibitors to request meetings with attendees, others don't want attendees requesting meetings with certain exhibitors. Some have networking tables available for all, others want to restrict access to rooms or tables to certain sponsors

So, does Pathable support those rules? The short answer is "yes, yes and yes". Pathable includes a rich rules engine that allows fine-grained control over private meeting functionality, allowing you to create the event you envision, easily and out-of-the-box.