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Save Time, Real-Time Updates

Last-minute changes have long been the bane of the conference program coordinator. When programs were printed, there were few good ways to alert attendees to the inevitable updates.

Mobile apps promised a solution: no printed programs meant you could make changes up to the last minute.

But many mobile event apps fall short on delivering on this promise. Some don't provide real-time update dashboards directly to their host, or force attendees to download hefty payloads for small changes. And few apply changes to both the mobile app and the desktop web agenda.

Pathable delivers on the promise: real-time dashboard gives you a quick and easy way to make instant changes to both your web site and mobile app, anytime and anywhere.

Kick The Tires

The more complex an agenda, the important it is that the presentation is easy-to-use. That goes for both the conference manager who maintains it and the attendee who uses to to select sessions.

Pathable's conference agenda tool doesn't stop at "easy", though. It's also sports powerful and flexible search tools as well as a clean, modern design that reflects well on your event's brand.

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Private Meetings

Keynotes, educational sessions and breakout meetings are only half the story for many events. If your attendees want to meet with each other, be sure to give them the tools to find a time and a place to meet.

Pathable's integrated conference agenda platform and private meeting scheduler gives your attendees, exhibitors and sponsors the tools to meet while it gives you the control to run your event the way you want.

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