Offering Engaging Content to Event Attendees

Offering Engaging Content to Event Attendees

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Engaging events can make a positive impression on your audience, leaving your organization top of mind. To help achieve this, there are some key skills you can develop to connect with your audience — you can research their interests and choose the right type of content to reach them. 


We have put together this guide to help you walk through the process and learn more about providing event attendees with excellent, engaging content. 

Find out what attendees want to create engaging content

There are several key tips that can help you to find the best engaging content for conferences.


The most notable place to begin is with potential event attendees. The host can ask friends and colleagues questions like, “What topic most interests you?” Another method is to send a survey to your target audience. 


Another critical step is to learn about your attendees’ most frequently asked questions (FAQs). A simple Google search can help you to uncover these topics. Ask a question on Google and scroll down the results page to find a section called “People Also Ask.” This featured section highlights users’ questions on Google and the most relevant answers. 


One powerful digital resource for generating event content is social media. Scroll through the comment section on your social media platforms to find complaints about your organization or previous events and turn those into an advantage. For example, the famous review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes made a podcast called “Rotten Tomatoes is Wrong” to discuss the number one complaint about their website. 


It’s also essential to consider the social expectations of your audience. For example, a group of investment bankers might not be interested in humor, while a room full of creative youth from Gen Z might enjoy customized memes. 


Whatever your audience, it’s vital to learn about their expectations and develop a friendly relationship. 

Choose the type of engaging content that speaks to attendees 

Choosing the correct type of content can make or break an event presentation. You must understand what your audience wants and expects from a presentation. There are three main categories for event content types — panel discussions, thought leadership sessions, and technical presentations. 

Panel Discussion 

A panel discussion is an excellent opportunity to engage with in-person, virtual, and hybrid audiences. These discussions are an open forum for experts on a topic to share their thoughts, feelings, and opinions. A panel discussion is also an opportunity for event attendees to engage with experts and ask questions. 


This content is appropriate for a curious, driven audience that wants to learn the opinion of experts and will likely have questions about the content. 

Thought Leadership 

TED Talks are often famous for featuring thought leaders who provide insight into the future of an industry and their opinion on the current trends. Since these types of presentations focus on the big picture of an entire industry, these presentations are typically best for visionaries, executives, and decision-makers rather than someone focused on a niche topic. 

Technical Presentation 

A technical presentation typically showcases a technical issue and an expert’s method to solve the problem. Technical presentations have a unique audience since they focus on providing experts with new information. It’s clear that the target audience should be knowledgeable individuals who want to hear from a professional who has thoroughly researched and solved a technical issue. 

Find an event app that makes accessing engaging content simple  

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