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Distance Learning and Online Community in Response to COVID-19

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The profound impact of COVID-19 coronavirus on the event industry is undeniable. There is a great deal of uncertainty out there. While there have been some high-profile cancellations across the industry, for the most part, we’re seeing many clients continue to hold their in-person events, issuing prudent precautions and advisories to their attendees to minimize risk. Those faced with the decision of whether or not to cancel their events should consider pivoting to a Virtual Event.

Go Virtual, Not Viral

While virtual will never replace in-person, we believe there are some important benefits a virtual event can offer: at an in-person event, you get 3 – 5 days of engagement. With a Virtual Event, you can leverage that into a 365-day community.

This powerful virtual experience is built on the same Pathable platform our clients have been using for more than a decade. With rich well-developed tools and features, this helps to ensure a smooth transition from live to digital-only.

Pathable’s Virtual Event Platform can help you transition your event to an on-line experience in the following ways:

  • Interactive Education: Live webinars with audience Q&A ensure your attendees are engaged and learning.
  • Networking: Real-time chat, persistent discussion forums and “Birds of a Feather” video rooms enable that “hallway track” that builds real relationships.
  • Sponsor Revenue: A Virtual Tradeshow delivers visibility and leads to your exhibitors and sponsors.

Still planning to hold your event, but want some “insurance” in the face of uncertainty?

Pathable’s mobile event app can seamlessly “toggle” to a Virtual Event, making it the ideal mobile event app for conferences looking to sustain audience momentum and engagement without the risk of a live, in-person experience.

Getting the Word out to Delegates

There are a number of great guides out there that can help in your communication to your attendees, and we’d be happy to consult, as well. Should you choose to pursue a Virtual Event supported by Pathable, our robust administrative dashboard includes a built-in communications tool that you can leverage to send fully-branded:

  • one-time or recurring email messages
  • instant “push” notifications directly in-app
  • static bulletin-style messaging that displays in-app

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