Fireside Chats

Pathable’s CEO, Jordan Schwartz, interviews event industry leaders in bite-size video clips. Perfect length for a coffee break!

Fireside Chat with Midori Connolly

Midori Connolly and Jordan Schwartz, Pathable CEO, discuss virtual and hybrid events, the challenges of webcasting conferences and even a bit of Monty Python in this bite-sized interview.

Midori Connolly unifies the looming gaps between technology and strategy; from social media to mobile to AV to webcasting to content design. Together with her strategic partners, she has brought several event technology support products to market; including hands-on technology support centers (similar to Apple Genius Bar) at conferences and tradeshows to

Fireside Chat with Corbin Ball

Listen to this relaxed conversation between Corbin Ball, author and speaker on event technolgy, and Jordan Schwartz, CEO of Pathable, as they discuss the cutting edge trends in event technology: drones, iBeacon, wayfiding and the privacy issues that go with them.

Corbin Ball has 20+ years experience running international technology meetings, and is a highly acclaimed speaker with the ability to make complex subjects understandable and fun. His articles have appeared in hundreds of national and international publications and he