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Event Logistics

More than just a digital program guide, Pathable's event platform and app helps you coordinate and communicate with your audiences in real-time.
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Powerful Event Management Platform

All the tools you need to manage your event and provide key information to all your constituents.


Whether your agenda is single-track or holds dozens of simultaneous breakouts, we help your attendees arrive at the right place, at the right time.


Provide live, interactive maps of your trade show and session rooms. Works with any venue or use our Google Maps integration for walking directions to offsite events.


From last minute room or time changes to pre-scheduled Know Before You Go reminders, Pathable's targeted push notification and alerts engine delivers.

Real-Time Updates

Successful events move like clockwork, and that means any change you make has to be reflected in your platform and app immediately. Done!

Planners Shouldn’t Have to Work So Hard

Our easy-to-use management panel puts all aspects of your app at your fingertips. Pre-schedule notifications or broadcast an emergency update in real-time from your phone. 

Simple and Intuitive

It may take an engineer to develop an event app platform, but it shouldn't take a rocket scientist to use it! Pathable's dashboard and tools were designed from the ground up with ease-of-use in mind.

Fewer Steps, More Power

According to Forbes magazine, meeting planning is one of the 10 Most Stressful Jobs out there. Pathable's cleverly designed system takes away the headache and leaves you more time for your other responsibilities.

Designed by Meeting Planners

Pathable has Certified Meeting Planners (CMPs) on staff and consulted with event industry leaders at every step. Our rigorous, iterative design process and user testing program means you get your work done right the first time.

Cookie Cutters are for Cookies

If you spend the time to design an event like no other, you deserve an event platform like no other, too.

Fully customizable

Easily configure your platform and app to include exactly what your event needs, and nothing it doesn't.

Tweak the Details

Adjust almost every aspect of your platform, from the length of private meetings to who shows up on the agenda to who is allowed to communicate with whom.

Order Off Menu

Pathable's event platform has hundreds of customization options built in, but if you don't see what you're looking for, ask us. Our crack development team can extend the platform to meet your needs.

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