Essential Equipment for Planning an Outdoor Event

Essential Equipment for Planning an Outdoor Event

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From battling the elements to challenging technical logistics, planning an outdoor event poses a unique set of challenges for event managers. So, whether you’re hosting a charity fundraiser, sporting event, or music festival, covering all bases when it comes to your event equipment is key to giving vendors and attendees a memorable experience (for all the right reasons).

Today, the outdoor storage manufacturers at Action Storage are offering event organizers an essential guide on outdoor event equipment – making sure your event goes off without a hitch, whatever the weather.

Power Up to Avoid Power-Outs

From technical equipment to catering and lighting, having a safe, reliable and sufficient power supply is key to hosting a successful outdoor event. However, with the elements to contend with, it’s important to think beyond powering off the main grid. Having a backup plan in place, should the weather wreak havoc and cause power-outs, will keep electrical equipment up and running regardless – with uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units or generators facilitating your contingency plans.

Light Up Your Venue

From technical stage lighting to lights for walkways and indoor areas, lighting equipment should always be a top priority when organizing an outdoor event – particularly in the case of evening events. Ensuring your venue is adequately lit when the sun goes down, for example, will make sure attendees and on-site staff can easily see where they’re going – but it will also improve the safety and security of the venue, even after hours. From brightly lit walkways to illuminated marquees and facilities, ample lighting will go a long way towards enhancing the invitee experience.

Source Suitable Sound Equipment

Another piece of the puzzle will be sourcing and installing sound equipment for your venue. Whether it’s a single PA system for announcements or an all-out speaker system for musical performances, don’t cut corners on sound equipment. If budget is a concern, why not look at hiring equipment instead to keep the technical costs to a minimum?

Keep Everyone Connected Through Your Mobile Event App

Providing event-goers and on-site staff with wireless connectivity is pretty much standard and, depending on your venue, should be relatively easy – whether you make use of a venue’s existing wireless network or set up your own wireless hotspot.

However, it isn’t just about your attendees being able to get online – it also allows you to maximize engagement and create a community with your audience through the use of event technology, as well as incorporate any technical software and equipment that uses WiFi or cloud-based services. From live streaming and social media updates on the day to pre-launch venue teasers, wireless connectivity and using a mobile event app like Pathable will help you to reach your audience on a more personal level – while also giving attendees the tools to share their activity online on the day.

Prepare For All Weather

One of the biggest challenges facing outdoor event organizers is Mother Nature and, unfortunately, she’s often unpredictable – so, it pays to prepare for every eventuality. Whether it’s torrential rain, high winds or blistering sunshine, equipping your event with key all-weather equipment will keep spirits and comfort levels high – whatever the weather.

From waterproof ponchos, blankets and sunscreen to portable marquees and sheltered areas, stocking up on all-weather essentials demonstrates attention to detail – as well as a sense of going above and beyond as a host to ensure the festivities can carry on regardless.

Provide On-Site Storage

Whether it’s housing expensive electrical equipment during a heavy downpour or providing attendees and staff with a place to store personal belongings, the importance of offering waterproof storage shouldn’t be overlooked. Providing a dry place where valuables, spare clothes, and other personal effects can be stowed away safely and securely can go a long way in terms of improving the overall event experience.

Opt for All-Weather Amenities

Any outdoor event organizer needs to consider the practical aspects of their venue in order to provide vendors, staff, and event-goers with suitable amenities and facilities on the day. From clean and plentiful toilets to disaster-proof catering options, ensuring your amenities and facilities are able to withstand the elements and can satisfy your attendees’ needs will keep customers content, even when the weather won’t cooperate.

Whether you’re organizing an exclusive charity gala dinner or a grand music festival, ensuring you have all bases covered when it comes to equipment will guarantee nothing is left to chance – allowing you to pull off a successful event that everyone enjoys, come rain or shine.

Author bio: Simon Mitchell has run successful companies in Europe and the US that are focused on delivering exceptional value to clients – while Action Storage offers a diverse range of storage products, along with the technical expertise to help clients’ businesses operate more efficiently. In Simon’s words, that’s a rewarding place to be.