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Planning an Impactful Exhibit Hall Booth or Stand

An Impactful Exhibit Hall Booth Takes Planning

Pulling off an impactful exhibit hall booth takes a great deal of planning and an eye for detail. The event not only needs to deliver value and positive experiences to attendees, but it should also embody amazing design in the process – which can be challenging.

 In today’s post, we’re offering you top tips for organizing an exhibit hall booth that’s guaranteed to make a lasting impression. From personal branding aspects to matters of style, we’ll be providing you with everything you need to consider when hosting an unforgettable event.

Your exhibit hall booth should reflect the tone and target of the products, programs, and services you’re wanting to highlight. We’ve chosen to highlight an interior design company today as an example.

Nail down your brand message 

Before you begin the logistical planning, we’d recommend spending time establishing your brand positioning and core message. Knowing who you are, what your objectives are and who your target audience is will help you to devise a cohesive message and marketing strategy from the start – both digitally and physically.

From a simple logo and vibrant colors to a catchy tagline, you want your message to capture the audience right away – so championing consistent branding across all aspects of your event marketing will strengthen brand positioning and recognition.

Choose a venue with style 

With a focus on outstanding design and attendee experience, your exhibit hall venue should be just as impressive as what you’ll be offering inside. Take the time to research suitable venues that celebrate beautiful building design and offer a practical and inspirational space to enhance your exhibitions. When choosing your venue, ensure it’s in-keeping with the theme and style of your event too, whether that’s a contemporary hotel, vintage-style building or chic industrial warehouse.

 Plan the event your audience wants

Whatever your objectives for the event, it’s important to remain focused on the expectations of your attendees. Researching your target audience and utilizing event planning apps that provide detailed attendee data and analysis will give a greater insight into their needs and expectations – allowing you to craft an exhibit hall booth they’ll love and can’t wait to visit.

Create impactful stands and exhibits

Your exhibition stand or booth is your opportunity to showcase your design prowess and incredible products, so make it count. Make a lasting impression by ensuring your exhibition stands are aesthetically appealing with enviable displays attendees won’t be able to ignore. Think about the visual elements of design, making use of different colors, textures and eye-catching accents, as well as promotional materials, like branded pop-up banners and product dump bins to grab attention and face time with your consumers.

Don’t forget the added extras 

Unless you have a very small product range, it can be difficult to display all your products in your exhibit hall booth – let alone impractical (and expensive!). For this reason, make sure you have the ability to show attendees different options and products on the day beyond whatis available in your exhibit hall booth.

For instance, for our interior design company that is exhibiting, they’ve chosen to bring sample floor tiles to material color swatches and catalogs, providing consumers with the chance to view a greater variety of options is a great way to showcase additional products and demonstrate well-thought-out customer service. They also bring a computer that allows them to showcase in virtual or augmented reality an interior design experience for customers that visit their booth. 

Think outside the box with event promotion 

Whether you’re promoting your event online or sending out physical invitations, you need to make sure that your event promotions and marketing stand out. 

Our interior designer booth, as a purveyor of stylish interiors, wants to ensure their promotional activity epitomizes a love of design while also possessing a laser-focused call to action that brings visitors to their booth. Their event marketing team thought of a clever way to do this by moving away from traditional printed promotional materials and instead embraced unconventional ideas like color chart invitations or quirky branded product giveaways in their direct and digital marketing that went out before the exhibit hall opens.

You can also put your creative stamp on other promotional materials with striking imagery for online teasers, magazine adverts, and flyers to entice people in.

Give attendees offers they can’t resist

If you’re looking to maximize foot traffic for your exhibit hall booth, don’t forget to offer attendees added value and unique experiences at the event. Using tactics like gamification, like exclusive on-the-day competitions, giveaways and discounts they won’t be able to resist, you can encourage foot traffic, customer engagement and increase brand awareness – creating a sense of added value they won’t forget.

Whatever style and size of an exhibit hall booth you’re planning, these tips will help you to build strong foundations for organizing a successful and stylish occasion. 

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