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Are Event Apps Dead? What Event Planners Need to Know


A recent TechCrunch article and rumors from Apple’s developer conference have people in our industry asking: are event apps dead?

Short answer: no. And the longer answer: still no. Let’s dig in why…

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Event Apps Tips 2.0: What’s Next?

Pathable event apps tips 2.0

What are some of the most valuable event apps tips out there? The ones that don’t just look to the baseline features, but the options that allow an event planner to customize and personalize their meeting or conference. And stop doing as much manual or redundant work.

As writer Savannah Osburn says, “Nearly every event app’s baseline features include meeting agendas, venue maps, and sponsor information, but today’s technology makes it possible for planners to track attendance, organize virtual competitions,

What’s More Important: Meeting Form or Function?

Pathable meeting design secrets John Nawn

Pathable’s leadership and development team is in the process of imagining the next phase of event apps and conference websites for meetings and conferences. As we’ve been researching, discussing various ideas and concepts, and developing ideas on the whiteboard, we discovered that we wanted to open up the conversation a little larger to hear from industry experts on how innovation and imagination are changing events and hospitality. One topic that continues to rise to the top is around event and

Getting Smart with Managing Change as an Event Prof


Great event leaders know the value of clear communication, especially in times of change. And it seems, at least where events and meetings are concerned, change is the only constant that we have.

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10 Pre-Event Details You Shouldn’t Overlook

event profs Insider pathable

It’s always fun when our team gets to share insights we’ve learned from smart planners like you. Check out the 10 pre-event details not to overlook that Susan shared with the Meetings and Incentives Magazine in their 2016 Small Market Review magazine. We’ve included a bit of a teaser below before you jump away to read more…

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