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5 Ways to Integrate Global Business Tips that Boost Relationships at Events

Using Global Business Tips Relationships with Mobile Event Apps

Did you know that the Pathable mobile event app has easy ways to help you communicate meaningful information, like global business tips, to your attendees? Most of them you can even pre-schedule or invite your involved members of your attendee community to help you out to lighten your workload!

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Event Risk Management: Mitigating Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and other Forces Majeure

Event Risk Management Pathable Mobile Event Apps

To this day, the single most impressive interview story I’ve heard from a potential meeting planning candidate was the one who outlined her event risk management and disaster response to a hurricane that made landfall during her annual conference.

I’m from Oklahoma. We had a standing line item in the city budget to rebuild when the tornadoes blew through. I’m cynical about the weather.

And still, as she described how orderly her team operated to move 3,500 people from the

Apple Rule 4.2.6 and Branded Mobile Event Apps

Apple Rule 4.2.6 response pathable event apps

We wanted to touch base again regarding the recent rumors about Apple Rule 4.2.6. and answer questions about whether or not branded mobile event apps will be allowed on the App Store. We continue to hear from concerned event managers over email and in person at events, so we wanted to update you on Pathable’s stance.

We do not believe that branded event apps are dead. The Apple rule 4.2.6 will not affect Pathable’s ability to offer you high-quality, mobile

Design Thinking and Event Planning: How To Get Started

Getting Started with Design Thinking for Meetings

This guest column is dedicated to exploring design thinking as a business strategy in the MICE industry. In it, John Nawn continues to explore common challenges facing meeting industry professionals and share how they can address those challenges. 

Why are companies of all shapes and sizes embracing design thinking as a business strategy? Because design thinking is more than “experience”; it is making decisions based on what future attendees and customers want instead of relying only on historical data or

5 Reasons We Love Being Event Planners

5 Reasons We Love Event Planning

Probably 90% of my event planner colleagues and I laugh when someone asks, “did you know you wanted to be an event planner when you grew up?”

Overwhelmingly the answer is no. Most of us had very different career paths lined up. We just fell in love with the industry, the people, the job.

But, that makes it sound like a career no one would want. That is definitely not the case. Employment of meeting, convention, and event planners is