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#ICYMI: Must Have Event Profs Smart Connections

ICYMI: Smart Event Prof Connections You Can't Miss

–Engagement is all fun and games, but is it making your organization any money? Higher Logic shares how to calculate the impact of online community engagement. 
–Power Sponsorship’s 40+ corporate sponsorship resources are essential for any org considering how to sponsor or how to return ROI for a sponsor
–We loved this essential motivational playlist for #eventprofs via Event Manager Blog
A new report from the nonprofit technology company Abila notes that people are always looking for great professional

Saying Thanks is an Easy Way to Boost Attendee Registration and Loyalty

Why Saying Thank Boosts Attendee Registration and Loyalty

Nearly every event can benefit from increased attendee registration and loyalty. In fact, some of the best event marketing you can do for your event is to say thank you to your attendees (even before they become your attendees).


There are a few reasons. For starters, it’s the nice (and right) thing to do. Saying thank you expresses gratitude, acknowledges their time, and demonstrates humility as you’re acknowledging your attendees have a choice when they consider or choose your

How to Tell if Gamification is Right for Your Event


Gamification can be used by event planners in many different ways before, during, and after events to drive effective attendee habits and behaviors. But why should event gamification really appeal to the strategic event planner? 

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What’s Next for Pathable in Creating Great Attendee Experiences


It’s always fun to talk with Mike McAllen at the Meetings Podcast and share what’s next for Pathable in creating great attendee experiences before, during, and after the event.

Details you’ll hear more about:

Not Just An Event App (But One So Easy to Use That Your Grandma Could Use It)

New technology deployed at events is transforming the attendee experience. As event planners know all too well, manual changes, long lines, tough to use tech, and inefficient processes hinder

Why Event Planners Should Expect Amazing Customer Happiness from Their Event App (and Team!)

pathable believes innovation

Customer Happiness is Pathable’s number one priority

We believe that customer happiness is more than customer service. What’s the difference, you ask?

To us, exceptional customer service means helping you, your team, and your attendees in a timely, efficient, patient, friendly manner. It’s a guarantee that we’ll deliver for you the mobile event app that your attendees need, that the conference app will work when you launch it, and that you’ll be able to see ROI before, during, and after the show.

For us, exceptional customer service is just the baseline.

We want to turn customer service up to eleven. We want you to experience customer happiness. In fact, we believe in it so strongly that our account management team is called the Customer Happiness Team.

Here are five ways we promise to bring you and your attendees happiness.

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