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11 Most Effective Social Media Tactics for Event Planners

11 Social Media Tactics for Event Planner

11 Most Effective Social Media Tactics for Event Planners in 2017


Success for event planners is all about connections, and social media event marketing is today’s way of building your network of participants. Here’s a quick how-to for publicizing your event on social media and directing your resources efficiently.

It’s Not Just About Attendance Numbers

Of course you care about getting as many people as possible into your venue, but that’s only the first phase of what your social

Announcing the 2017 Pathable Women in Computer Science Scholarship Winner!

2017 Pathable Women in Computer Science Scholarship Winner

Rebecca McCabe

Thank you to everyone who applied to the 2017 Pathable Women in Computer Science Scholarship! We received several submissions this year from passionate high school seniors across the country. After reviewing all of the entries, Pathable is excited to announce that Bethlehem, PA high school senior Rebecca McCabe is our scholarship winner.

“Rebecca was one of the finest applicants we saw this year,” said Jordan Schwartz, Pathable CEO. ” Not only does she excel academically, she founded the

Guide To Purchasing an Event App

Guide To Purchasing an
Event or Conference App 5 Things To Consider

So, you need a mobile event app for your next meeting, trade show or conference, but with all the vendors out there, you’re not sure what you should look for. No single vendor is going to be right for everyone, but by asking the right questions up front, you can find the right one for you.


Support is like insurance: you don’t need it until you need

Technology Trends Changing Event Landscapes

4 Technology Trends That Are Changing The Event Landscape Contributed by Rebecca Kennedy

Technology has become an integral and inescapable part of almost all areas of daily life, from pop culture trends like Pokémon Go to more advanced projects like the first self-driving cars. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that modern technology is making an appearance in the world of event organization too. From multi-channel customer communications to virtual “swag bags,” these are the top technology trends that

Creating Event Buzz with Social Media

Although social media appears to be an easy platform to manipulate, it is actually an unknown jungle for many marketers striving to sell their products. With various platforms to choose from (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instragram), it can be overwhelming to most marketers even those who have ran various campaigns in the past. To help you out, here’s how you can leverage social media to increase your event app’s reach.

Create buzz via hashtags
Unsure what those pound signs or number