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Your Nerdy Best Friend Beth Z shares tech tool secrets for every budget

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Your Nerdy Best Friend Beth Z shares tech tool secrets for every budget

What if you could schedule a meeting without having to send three dozen emails to find a time everyone could meet? Or automate the little tasks that keep you from the real work of creating phenomenal attendee experiences? Or create on

Quick Start Guide: Moving from Print to Digital at your Event

two women use an ipad as a digital program guide at an event

Many associations and nonprofits have arrived at the question: do we go fully digital with our events?

Everyone comes to this decision point from a different motivation (here are a few of our favorites):

  • Perhaps you’re still registering attendees through a form submitted by fax and when you shared this at the latest industry event gathering, you got this face.
  • Maybe your organization is still printing every agenda out (plus a glossy program guide and a four color tradeshow map)

How an Event App Keeps the Conversation Going After an Event


Great event managers want to give attendees an event experience filled with ROI.  Pathable guides and supports event planners as they achieve that goal. We see ourselves as your partner, working hand-in-hand to deliver great experiences and providing a conference event app architected from the ground-up so that the choices attendees make automatically follow them from device to device.

Melanie Woodward at EventPlanning BlueprintTV talks with our CEO, Jordan, about why we created an event app that keeps the conversation

How to Bring in Big-Name Speakers on a Low-Dollar Budget

Laura Stack Hire Speakers Low Dollar Budget Pathable Event Apps Blof

Big-name or celebrity speakers can be a registration draw for your next association or corporate event. However, money is tight and times are tough. Meeting registration is down, and the budget isn’t available for that big-name professional speaker you want to bring to your meeting. If you find a speaker you’d love to invite but can’t quite swing the fee, you may want to try negotiation. Laura Stack, CSP, CPAE shares how to hire speakers when working with a low-dollar event budget.

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72 One-Sentence Event Planning Tips Every Event Manager Should Know


Just as concert pianists or major league athletes continually practice, hone, and sharpen their knowledge, skills, techniques, and abilities, amazing event managers are always assessing the existing attendee experience and adjusting to make it better.

Why? Because the minute you stop desiring and pushing to improve, the event and the attendees suffer.

We’ve put together 72 one-sentence tips to help keep you in peak event manager shape. Whether you want to focus on how you are developing business continuity for