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How Event Planners Can Use Virtual Reality at Conference, Tradeshows, and Events

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What if you could transform your attendees into participants? Just think, you want to immerse them into an experiential reality where they can touch and feel the experience, rather than just attend. Or, what if your sponsors or exhibitors could showcase new products to your attendees without having to pay to ship and set them on the tradeshow floor? Virtual reality and augmented reality can help you do that.

From Intel showcasing Project Alloy at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

My Employees Are On Strike

why pathable employees are striking day without women

Several of my employees are on strike today, and I couldn’t be happier. Here’s why Pathable supports its employees who are on strike.

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Beginners Guide to Event Planning: 10 Simple Event Rules

Beginner's guide to event planning

10 Beginner Event Planner Rules: Don’t Forget the Ketchup

Hosting a large event like a trade show or an industry conference takes a lot of planning. Sometimes, you can get so focused on the big picture that you forget about the details. Before your next event, make sure you have followed these 10 rules.

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ICYMI: #Eventprof & Tech Personal Connections You Can’t Miss


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And the winner is….what a minute, what? The Oscars stage manager took the main stage none of us wants to stand on when **spoiler alert**  a volunteer presenter, Warren Beatty, mistakenly announced La La Land instead of Moonlight as Best Picture. Don’t forget to develop and grab these easy to use event SOPs that can help you avoid an Oscar-sized gaffe at your next event.

Data is the best, especially when it helps your attendees

How to Create Event SOPs to Avoid Oscar-Sized Gaffes


I had a former boss, who would laugh and say that I should name my first book, All My Circuses, All My Monkeys. Many days, I tend to agree with him. What we as event planners do for a living can look like a heck of a lot of fun, what with the travel and suspended world of events and live productions. In reality, it’s a lot of strategy and tactics wrapped up with lots of cats. You can