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4 Ways Your Event App Can Supercharge Attendee Engagement

Attendee Excited By Event App Community

How Your Event App Can Supercharge Attendee Engagement

You’ve made an investment in your event app, added your attendees and agenda, and sent your invites. And only about 25% of your attendees sign up. You send another invite and maybe catch a few more. Is your conference app broken?

No! Your event community might be a bit bleak now but do not fear! There is an easy solution: you need to seed your event app with content your attendees need,

The Five Minute Guide to Better Event Management

five minute guide better event management

There are some things in this life which are incredibly complex: astrophysics, the rules of baseball, the US tax code, successfully negotiating revolving doors… There are lots of things out there which are ridiculously tricky, but effective event management isn’t among them.

With the right attitude, up-to-date knowledge and a bit of perseverance, the majority of planners can get much better at event management pretty quickly. Good event management isn’t rocket science. But it does require persistence.

The aim of this post is to set you on the path to efficient, effective, and ideally, more exceptional event management. We’re going to focus on four simple, yet crucial tips which you can absorb in five minutes which, if taken on board, should set out a strong foundation for future event management excellence and boost your attendees’ experience from good to great. Ready, steady, learn!

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#ICYMI: Must Have Event Profs Smart Connections

ICYMI: Smart Event Prof Connections You Can't Miss

It’s been a busy few weeks for event professionals. Let’s dive in #ICYMI.

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Events and the Future Association Landscape

events technology future association landscape

We recently had the opportunity to attend the Disruption + Innovation event, hosted by .OrgCommunity. True to brand, it was a day that created community, connections, and competencies.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Event Analytics, Surveys, and Metrics


Event analytics, surveys, and metrics can help you demonstrate quantifiable success.

You’ve set your event goals and planned every detail, but how do you know if your event has been successful? The words “analytics and “metrics” get thrown around in your planning calls, but what do they really mean? What are they even measuring and tracking? Are event analytics and metrics even necessary?

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