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Event Marketing: Making the Most of Attendee Data

Every interaction with your attendees prior to your event, during your event, and after your event is logged as a data point in your various software systems. This data could ...

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What Nonprofit Event Sponsors Want to Know About Your Event

This guest post was contributed by Harbor Compliance.   Black-tie galas, fun runs, association conferences, and online charity auctions are examples of the broad variety of live and virtual events ...

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How to Sell Out Your Next Conference

This post was contributed by Accelevents. Conference and event planning is a little like juggling: you have to keep multiple balls in the air at all times to ensure success. ...

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7 Tactics Event Planners Can Borrow from Project Managers

A great event is the result of smart planning and a thoughtful, creative, and organized approach. Let’s face it: event planning is an extremely demanding job that’s not for everyone. ...

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Why Every Aspect of Your Events is About to Change

Keeping up with the changing tide of technology can be difficult. Business owners around the world are gravitating towards a digital-first mentality when it comes to handling day-to-day operations. Being ...

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Auction Ideas for Associations: Ways to Secure More Revenue

There are many ways to secure more revenue for your association. Try out these strategies for yourself. As your association sets out to secure more non-dues revenue, you may also ...

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4 Best Practices for Marketing Your Next Event

If you’re a part of the event team for your organization, you likely understand the stress that comes with planning and launching a new event. After brainstorming the perfect event ...

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Data Security: 4 Simple Ways to Protect Your Event Data

Technology is constantly evolving, making it easier for unauthorized users like hackers to get into your system. This puts all sorts of sensitive data at risk, and if your organization ...

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Mobile Event Apps: The Top 21+ Providers for Your Conference

Mobile event apps have been revolutionary in the world of event planning, and you might be thinking it’s time to implement one in your next event strategy. There is no ...

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