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How to Choose an Effective Event Hashtag

Pathable loves hearing from planners and suppliers in the field. Today Teagen, a planner with Shop4Pop in the United Kingdom, is sharing insights about how to choose an effective event hashtag. Have a worthwhile event management strategy or tactic you’d love to share with our audience? Send us a note and let’s chat! 

Choosing an Event Hashtag 

Social media can have a profound effect on the number of attendees at an event. With hashtagging features making it even easier to spread the word, it’s time to dedicate attention to the execution of your hashtag. From choosing an appropriate acronym that reflects the event to using branded dump bins to help circulate your hashtag, today, we’re bringing you a handful of top tips for finding the perfect event hashtag – so you can successfully harness this social media strategy and achieve the most lucrative results possible.

Keep It Simple

Whether attendees are sharing your hashtag before, during or after the event, the fast-paced nature of social media means that a hashtag that’s easy to type will ensure that your social messages reach far more online users. From using easy-to-remember acronyms to making a well-known phrase your own, keeping your hashtag simple will ensure the success of your digital marketing efforts.

Stand Out 

From a famous face to powerful branding, standing out from competitors is crucial for encouraging audiences to attend your event. Creating a unique online community for event attendees will no doubt generate a buzz, and your event’s online presence could mean that you see a rise in ticket sales too.

Dare to be different with a quirky hashtag and you’ll generate publicity that’s dedicated purely to your event – but remember to keep it relevant (and appropriate!) to ensure that it’s easily identifiable to your loyal followers online.

Think About Numbers 

When it comes to choosing an effective hashtag, you should first consider which social media channels you’ll be using. Instagram posts are thought to generate the most audience interaction with over 11 hashtags, whereas Twitter’s 140 character limit means it’s often recommended to use one short yet impactful hashtag. Similarly, studies show that average audience interaction significantly decreased on Facebook posts with more hashtags – so consider limiting your use of hashtags to a maximum of one or two on this platform.

Circulate Your Message

Dedicating time and effort to choosing an appropriate hashtag means that you can quickly raise the profile of an upcoming event – but that’s not to say that a well thought out hashtag will go viral on its own. When it comes to spreading the word online, the work starts with you and your team, so keep your message in the public eye by regularly posting updates which include your event hashtag – as well as adorning promotional materials with your event byline.

Encourage your sponsors and exhibitors to use the hashtag. This makes them partners in the event community you’re building, which will yield greater ROI for their in person and digital foot traffic.

And remember, your event hashtag has value before, during, and after your event. It’s a way to promote valuable content to prospective attendees when you’re encouraging registration, connect onsite and digital attendees through your event app and website, as well as keep the fun and community going post-event.

In Conclusion

The online world has fast become an integral part of our day-to-day lives, and that means choosing an event hashtag that stands out can dramatically boost both awareness and popularity of any event. From keeping it clear to encouraging online circulation before, during and after the day, sharing relevant and impactful hashtags is a quick and cost-effective way to capitalize on your event’s potential.

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