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5 Ways to Integrate Global Business Tips that Boost Relationships at Events

Did you know that the Pathable mobile event app has easy ways to help you communicate meaningful information, like global business tips, to your attendees? Most of them you can even pre-schedule or invite your involved members of your attendee community to help you out to lighten your workload!

Our clients have used discussions to invite two-way conversations about different global business tips and trends among attendees, push notifications that put your message top of mind, quick emails so that attendees have a record and gamification, to ensure they understood or can easily share the message. 

With the ability to easily share information and build relationships also comes the responsibility to ensure that you’re helping attendees connect with their best foot forward.  In today’s global business environment, it is imperative to know how to network appropriately with people of all backgrounds. After all, it’s tough to build a booming business relationship if you’re inadvertently offending the person you’re speaking with.

Fortunately, foreign exchange brokers ForexTime has put together an incredibly informative infographic that helps your attendees look super smart about the many different customs out there. We think it might just be the difference between a successful meeting and failure.

The company gathered information from business translation specialists and Forbes magazine to create their global business tips and etiquette guide on how to greet people, what to call them, business cards, communication style, and agendas.

Reach out today for a quick conversation with our happiness team to learn how to better integrate easy messaging features into your web and mobile event app.


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