AV & Production Offerings

AV & Production Offerings

Enhance your virtual or hybrid event production with audio-visual services and capabilities.

AV & Production Offerings

Pathable’s AV and event production offerings take your event experience to the next level for virtual and hybrid attendees. Whether you have AV experience or are looking for recommendations to help level up your event, our audio-visual production team can help.


Already know what you need and have the team to support it? Between the Pathable platform and our dedicated AV team, we have the resources key features to enhance your virtual or hybrid event content.


Attendee expectations have never been higher – set your event apart and exceed their expectations.

AV Services

Our in-house AV & event production team has decades of combined experience supporting events.

Whether you’re planning your first hybrid event or your fortieth, we’re committed to providing a tailored AV & event production experience that fits your needs.

Create even greater engagement by adding video effects to content that is being streamed live. That includes end-to-end virtual event production and the ability to seamlessly switch HD content.

Record content in advance and create a thoughtfully produced experience to share with your attendees during your event.

Create a more dynamic experience for attendees with stream operators that can control how event attendees experience your content. Operationalize all of your live streaming needs behind the scenes with our team of experts.

Not sure what you need? Work directly with our technical experts who will leverage their experience and subject matter expertise to offer recommendations and help manage all of the content needs for your event.

AV Platform Capabilities

Take advantage of the latest AV capabilities within the Pathable platform to enhance your virtual and hybrid attendee experience. 


Connect with us today to learn how your team can take advantage of these capabilities or leverage our team to help produce your event.


Do more with the Pathable platform. 

Live streaming and on-demand content gives your virtual and hybrid attendees more options, and can enable in-person attendees to engage after your event. Encourage content engagement with all attendees by delivering multiple viewing options for live, pre-recorded, or on-demand sessions.

Play recorded content as if it were live and interact with your audience through the platform to deliver a more engaging experience.

Don’t have or don’t want to work with a third-party system to bring in streamed content? DirectLink eliminates the need for an additional layer of production and allows content to stream directly to the Pathable platform.


Customer feedback

Pathable’s A/V services team helped to produce a flawless event. Visually, the look and feel were extremely professional – the team did a great job integrating our branding throughout the presentation materials. They went the extra mile to run rehearsals with our entire team and carefully orchestrated our script, presentations, and videos to ensure a seamless execution the day of the live event. Immediately after the event, attendees reached out to tell us how professionally it was run and how well we managed to create in-person feel despite the virtual nature.

Jessica Davis, Senior Associate,

Dynamk Capital